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Interview: Celebrity MUA Daniel Martin of Tatcha on mindful skincare

Global director of Artistry & Education Daniel Martin of Tatcha on mindful skincare regimes and making informed choices.

New York-based makeup artist Daniel Martin’s two decades worth of experience speaks of his excellence in the best way possible. He’s worked with makeup legend Pat McGrath, countless A-list celebrities, and was the man behind Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup. He used to be Dior Beauty‘s brand ambassador and has now officially joined the Tatcha family as the brand’s first global director of Artistry and Education. 

He will be working closely with Vicky Tsai, founder of Tatcha, the beauty brand spotlighting traditional Japanese beauty rituals, on everything from product development to editorial content and beyond.

You could call this a longstanding friendship that’s now flourished into a partnership. “I’ve known [Tatcha founder] Vicky for over a decade, and I’ve always felt like a part of the Tatcha family because of our friendship,” says Martin. “I’ve worked with them on various projects throughout the years, and their products have been mainstays in my kit ever since I first discovered the Original Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers.” These blotting papers were Tatcha’s first-ever launch ten years ago, and both the brand and Martin have come together to commemorate their coming together with a limited-edition version of one of their most-loved products.

For Martin, makeup and skincare are both meant to complement each other. “My makeup philosophy has always been about respecting the skin and using colour on the face as a way to enhance—not mask—the natural beauty beneath. This creates a beautiful balance of natural and polished makeup, which enables one’s inner beauty to come through,” says Martin who has worked on celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Gemma Chan to Nina Dobrev. The most common skincare mistake he’s noticed is that of “using products that aren’t compatible with the skin types or trying to cheat your way to ‘’perfect’’ skin using makeup.”

We got the award-winning glow pro to share the skincare tips he’s mastered over the years and values the most.

On cleansing

Always remember to wash your face before going to bed. Your skin will thank you for it the next morning. Waking up with clean skin is half the skincare battle won.

On protecting your skin

Wear sunscreen every day, even if you’re not going outside. SPF isn’t just for the summer months! Whether you’re wearing makeup or stepping out bare-faced, wearing sunscreen is non-negotiable.

On being mindful of your skincare

Find and stick to a skincare ritual that not only cleanses and nourishes your face but also your mind. Skincare and self-care are one and the same, so don’t be afraid to spend extra time with yourself before going to bed. It allows you to reset and recharge. You don’t have to use eight products as long as you use four good ones that work for you. Take the time out to understand your skin and care for it accordingly.

On making informed choices

Match your skincare with your foundation or base formulas. For example, using an oil-free foundation with an emollient moisturiser will cause the formula to separate after you apply it. First, figure out the base formula that best suits your skin type and then make sure all the products you use on your skin have a uniform base.

On prepping and priming

Always use a primer before applying any complexion products—I love The Liquid Silk Canvas. By keeping your makeup out of your skin, you will end up using less of it and prevent congestion or clogged pores. It may feel like an additional step, but priming makes a difference in the way your makeup looks. Use it once, and you’ll never do your makeup without it.

On skincare efficiency

Don’t use products that irritate, strip or damage the skin—you don’t need to see or feel it to know it’s working! Gentle, efficacious formulas are your friend. Listen to your skin and be calm with it to care for it daily—you’re investing in yourself.

Interview: Celebrity MUA Daniel Martin of Tatcha on mindful skincare

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