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Interview: Petra of Pixi Beauty on her favourite buys, her love for India and her skincare regimen

Pixi Beauty has launched in India this month and the buzz refuses to die down. We got an opportunity to talk to the founder of Pixi Beauty, Petra Strand, the Swedish-born makeup artist who made sure the world was introduced to her multitasking, easy-to-use products. Mother of four, she has single-handedly created an iconic label that resonated with millennials today and Instagram is brimming with it’s potential. For Petra, the mission is to create formulations that work with botanicals and come with beneficial ingredients. It took 20 years since she first started with a flagship boutique in Soho, London, to make Pixi into a cult label and no one knows it better than Petra. The final goal? “To make women look like themselves, only better,” she emphasizes. We reached out to Petra to tell us a bit about Pixi’s plans for India and her favourite products from the label and we got more than what we bargained for – an insight into a woman who knows how to enhance her beauty by keeping it simple and effortless.

Petra of Pixi Beauty

On Pixi being an iconic label for millennials

Pixi has a history of 20 years and yet, we are still an independent and family-owned brand. Our focus has always been to make the best quality products for all ages at an affordable price. While social media has given us incredible visibility within the millennial age group, we have always been popular – from grandmothers to granddaughters, everyone vouches for us. Pixi is ageless and created for all ages. 

The most popular Pixi products you swear by

Well, Glow Tonic has obviously been a favourite for the last 20 years for me. Peel & Polish is another one of my all-time favourites. It’s the ultimate at-home enzyme peel that leaves the skin smooth, soft, and glowing.  The Glow Glycolic Boost and Plump Collagen Boost Sheet Masks have become a travel must-have to either enhance your glow, plump up your skin and instantly hydrate. Another favourite that’s perfect for travel is the DetoxifEYE hydrogel eye patches. These instantly revitalize, de-puff, and help to reduce dark circles around the eye area and I cannot go anywhere without them! 

Pixi Beauty

On acids…

There are so many different types of acids such as Glycolic, Lactic, Hyaluronic and more, and they all have different effects on the skin. The most important thing to think about is – what results do you want in your skin? From there, you can introduce these acids into your skincare routine. Glycolic Acid, which is featured in many of our Glow Family products, helps to gently exfoliate and brighten your skin. Hyaluronic Acid can be found in the Hydrating Milky Mist, which is a weightless mist that soothes and provides deep hydration. 

Personally, I use Glow Tonic (glycolic acid) at night, and I alternate between Vitamin-C Tonic (Ferulic acid) & Rose Tonic in the morning depending on what my skin tells me it needs. 

New launches from Pixi  

We launch three collections per year here at Pixi so we are always developing many new concepts and formulas! I am really enjoying creating families of products that contain the same key ingredients so they work in perfect synergy. You’ll have the maximum skin benefits and potency throughout your entire skincare regimen. 

About Pixi makeup 

I am a makeup artist by trade, so my first and big love is makeup. All our makeup is long-wearing, fuss-free, and beneficial for the skin. Makeup can enhance your natural features and make anyone feel confident and beautiful to face the day! 

Pixi for Indian skin… 

I’m so excited for Pixi to be accessible in India as we’ve seen a lot of demand coming from our global website as well as social media. They’ll be able to readily experience Pixi for themselves and we hope to exceed their expectations. We create products suitable for all skin types and will work wonders for Indian skin and the climate. 

Pixi Beauty in a market saturated with skincare

We have very unique positioning where we offer great quality skincare with potent ingredients at an accessible price. We take great pride in investing all that we have into our formulations to make the best quality products, packed with botanical extracts and infused with vitamins for everyone to enjoy. You don’t need to break your bank to look and feel beautiful. 

The ideal AM / PM routine according to me..

This is my go-to skincare routine at the moment but you can cocktail up your regimen depending on your skin’s needs.  

AM routine: 

  1. Glow Mud Cleanser or Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser for a refreshing and detoxing morning cleanse 
  2. Vitamin-C Tonic for a revitalizing daily tonic with antioxidant effects 
  3. Rose Caviar Essence for a refreshing light serum that deeply hydrates 
  4. Rose Ceramide Cream for the perfect daily moisturizer for when your skin needs extra nourishment 
  5. 24K Eye Elixir for the perfect lightweight hydrating eye serum, roll on to depuff (and keep in the fridge for extra depuffing effect) 

PM routine: 

  1. Double Cleanse to remove all makeup, SPF, and pollution from the day 
  2. Glow Tonic  to gently exfoliate, remove any impurities and perfect the skin 
  3. Glow Tonic Serum for a lightweight glow giving serum 
  4. pHenomenal Gel for an ultra hydrating moisturizer that balances your skin 
  5. Collagen Eye Serum to help boost collagen levels and revitalize the delicate skin around the eye area 
The one product that no one should go without…

Glow Tonic of course. I am in love with the product and hear stories about its efficacy all the time. Also, a very overlooked yet essential step is cleansing! I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t remove makeup and sunscreen and cleanse your skin properly, you are clogging your pores and any skincare that you put on top won’t penetrate the skin as effectively. 

A skincare secret we should know about…

I have three secrets that I follow regularly. 

Be consistent. Keep loving and looking after your skin every single day and night and you will see incredible results. 

My ultimate skincare secret is, think long-term rather than just quick fixes. The skin responds so well to daily maintenance.

Make sure you have a regimen that is simple and effective with a couple of extra treatments a week like a peel or a mask. 


Interview: Petra of Pixi Beauty on her favourite buys, her love for India and her skincare regimen

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