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Potato starch, just the right ingredient for your skin!

Spud spotted! Well, let’s just say that potatoes are no longer just confined to those pantry walls as potato starch is proving to be a great healing element in the domain of skincare.

The beauty bandwagon is leaving no stone unturned in dropping some interesting formulas in our vanity kits and our skincare shelves, both at the same time. Speaking of which, how many of you have heard about potato starch as a skincare element? Well, if not then you’re in for a surprise for sure! It’s hard to overlook these spuds when it comes to food, and now they’re here to ambush us in the domain of beauty too. Trust me when I say this, potatoes go way beyond just cooking as they’re all set to adopt the role of healing maestros too. To second that thought we have a few experts offering their insight about how is potato starch a healing element and why. 

Experts on ‘potato starch as a skincare element’

Dr. Renita Rajan – Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist & Founder of RENDER Skin Clinic

When asked about potato starch as a skincare element Dr. Renita claims  “Potato slices and potato juice used to be considered good for reducing dark circles. Potato starch is more like a gum thickener, something to increase the viscosity of the product. Has been used for a long time in products, as a bio-based thickening agent – used more for its structural benefits in products, than as a functional component. The new nascent incoming tech is potato extract antioxidant, which is still to become widely available. The brightening effect of potatoes is attributable to the alpha hydroxy acids in potatoes, typically lactic acid. But when we say potato starch, that is more of a substrate that imparts structure to a product. Lactic acid is available by itself as a chemical exfoliant and brightening agent, with more direct benefits.” 

Dr. Amit Bhasin – Cosmetologist, Dermatologist, and Face Sculptor at Prive Clinic

Dr. Amit Bhasin believes that “firstly potatoes are in general quite rich in Vitamin C and known as a healing food, and when we specifically talk about starch, if we apply the mask it helps to remove excess oil so it’s very good for acne patients, pigmentation, and anti-aging. Personally, we make use of this element a lot in our in-house Ayurvedic treatments in our clinic, and as for specific products I believe in Japanese and Korean products, and they use a lot of potato starch which I feel is effective.”

Dr. Niranjana Raj – Co-founder at Yogiraj Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology

“Potato starch helps in gentle skin exfoliation and thereby helps in reducing acne breakouts on the skin. Potato starch contains an enzyme called “catecholase” that helps to decrease melanin levels in the skin thereby helping in skin brightening. There is no scientific evidence backing claims that it can lighten the skin or completely clear acne marks. It just has these benefits that can be considered when thinking of natural or home remedies that one can consider. The possibility of allergic reactions should be considered before using potato starch to ensure it suits the skin” says Dr. Niranjana Raj.

Dr. Neha Dubey – Consultant Medical & Cosmetic Dermatologist, Medical Director at Meraki Skin Clinic

“Potatoes are known to be rich in vitamin C, flavonoids & antioxidants. They are also a good source of iron, potassium & vitamin B6. Because of these properties, their juice is routinely made and used in Ayurvedic skincare as it helps in reducing dark spots, and pigmentation and helps to brighten the skin. This lightning effect is due to an enzyme called catecholase.
Potato starch can not only help in cleaning clogged pores but also keep the skin hydrated. One study in mice found that there are possibly some anti-inflammatory properties in potato extracts, which can be utilized in the treatment of acne but no human studies have been conducted to prove the”

Dr. Manjot Marwah – Celebrity Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Consultant & Director at Dr. Manjot’s Clinic

“Potato starch has been researched for a long as a part of dressings for wounds to fasten healing. It helps fasten the process and the starch in the potato also helps to control bleeding. However, in all these studies, the potato skins have been sterilized by autoclaving. Hence using direct potato starch on wounds is not advised, as it may lead to further infections and it’s better to wait till we start getting creams with these ingredients so that the sterilisation is maintained”

Furthermore, it’s time for you to actually test the benefits of potato starch on your skin, so we have a few products waiting to be added to your skincare shelves.

Hero Image: Courtesy  Unsplash. Featured Image: Courtesy Shutterstock. 

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