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Emulate Taylor Swift’s skincare and beauty tips for that striking glow!

With that perfectly-beautiful skin and effortless glow, we’re sure Taylor Swift’s always feeling 22! Apart from turning tides in the pop music scene, Tay Tay has caught our fancy with her youthful and fresh skin which sparkles even without makeup. The singer’s all about embracing your unfiltered self, shooting down the ‘aesthetic canon’ that women are supposed to live up to! At 33, the Bad Blood songstress is championing ageing with open arms, however, that doesn’t deter her from following some simple and easy skincare rituals as a part of regular grooming and self-care. Taylor Swift abides by the ‘less is more’ motto when it comes to skincare and beauty, which has indeed worked wonders for her!

From lathering her face with skincare must-haves like moisturiser and sunblock to sporting a classic red lip and cat-eye makeup look – Taylor’s go-to skincare and beauty rituals are super undemanding and hassle-free to emulate on a daily basis. If you want to ace the skincare and beauty game, Taylor Swift style, we’ve curated the perfect guide for you!

10 skincare and beauty secrets to steal from Taylor Swift

Taylor’s skincare secrets and diet plan

taylor swift skincare
Image credit: taylorswift/ Instagram

1. Daily dose of moisturisation before sleeping

Take note, girls! Taylor never fails to moisturise her skin before hitting the bed in addition to putting on a nice body lotion post-shower, multiple outlets reported. While moisturising your face during the day shields your skin from pollution, UV rays, dryness, cold, heat or any other weather condition, doing the process at night helps your skin regenerate. After all, your skin also needs some unwinding after a long day!

By rejuvenating your skin cells, moisturisation promotes a youthful complexion. Additionally, it controls oil production which lessens the chances of breakout. If you’re dealing with extremely sensitive, dull, dry skin devoid of lustre, it’s time to moisturise your skin at least twice a day. Moisturising creams seal the water inside the cell and repair the skin’s natural barrier. When there’s little or no water loss, the skin looks plump and smooth. To keep her skin healthy and beautiful, Taylor uses the Kate Somerville moisturiser.

Similarly, what moisturiser is to the face, body lotion is to the rest of the body. It encourages healthy skin cell proliferation and smoothes the skin. Taylor trusts the Body Shop Coconut Body Butter, to deal with dry skin.

2. Sunblock is a must

Taylor Swift never steps out without wearing sunscreen! It is the best and the easiest way to protect your skin’s health and appearance. Sunscreens are so important that they are infused in many cosmetics and beauty products from primers and foundations to serums and creams. Whether it’s a strikingly sunny day, a cloudy day or even a ‘lounging-on-my-bed’ kind of day don’t forget to apply sunblock as the notorious UV rays have all the means to reach you. The preventive skincare habit must be practised throughout the year, even during winter.

Forgoing protection despite repeated sun exposure leads to premature signs of ageing including discolouration, fine lines, wrinkles and leathery appearance. Not only should you apply sunblock every day, but reapply it every two hours if you’re outdoors. This way, you’ll reduce the risk of skin cancer, sunburn or inflammation.

So which sunscreen should you pick? While sunscreens come in very many specifications to accommodate various skin types, they should have a minimum SPF of 30 or higher to ensure full protection. Also, make sure it’s labelled ‘broad spectrum’, implying that it protects from both UVA (ultraviolet A radiation) and UVB (ultraviolet B radiation) rays.

3. Healthy diet to achieve that inner glow

Unlike many celebrities who heavily restrict themselves, Taylor’s a huge foodie and very passionate about cooking and eating. According to Boldsky, she doesn’t follow a strict diet plan, but still keeps it healthy! Starting the day with a heavy and delicious breakfast which includes buckwheat pancakes topped with ham, parmesan, and eggs, Taylor goes about the day with lighter meals. The outlet reported that she likes to devour salads, sandwiches, yoghurts, or vanilla lattes to satiate her hunger pangs. While her workweek is packed with healthy meals, the singer doesn’t shy away from giving in to her gluttony on the weekends.

The singer also advises that you must drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and flush out toxins, which gives your skin a natural radiance. She consumes at least ten bottles a day or more while travelling.

4. No sugar

Your body reflects what you eat, and Taylor takes this quite seriously. Rather than fuelling her body with caffeine, Taylor switches coffee for orange juice.

Apart from ailments like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases, consuming excessive sugar can also harm your skin. How? Multiple studies have shown that excessive sugar promotes inflammation, acne, and increased sebum production which increases the likelihood of breakouts and dull skin as well as increases wrinkles and sagging.

5. Workouts to boost skin health

There’s nothing better than a gruelling workout session to attain radiant, flushed skin and Taylor Swift is proof. Exercising increases blood flow to all organs, flooding your skin cells with oxygen and nutrients that clear all impurities and you get that gorgeous post-workout glow. Working out also boosts collagen production, which not only blurs the appearance of wrinkles but prevents new ones from forming. Exercising is also a great way to reduce your stress levels as well as promote cell growth.

Taylor Swift’s go-to beauty tips

6. The classic red lip, but make it smudge-free

taylor swift beauty tips
Image credit: taylorswift/ Instagram

If you’re a Swiftie, you know Taylor hardly steps out without her trusted signature red-coloured lipstick. From concerts, red carpets and music videos to vacations – the singer’s always rocking the red lip. For keeping it smudge-free, Taylor follows a unique application. She puts a single layer followed by dabbing in the product with a tissue and repeating the process. She also makes sure the lipstick doesn’t transfer to her teeth, which can be really embarrassing! Following this, you can make your lipstick last longer.

7. A cat eye with her trusted liquid liner

taylor swift beauty guide
Image credit: taylorswift/ Instagram

A magic wand for your eyes, liquid liners are a blessing that amps up your makeup like no other! Taylor loves to wear cat eye makeup, which gives her face a more snatched and lifted look. She effortlessly pulls it off using a liquid liner, which according to her is more accessible and practical. Taylor starts by simply extending the bottom lash line upward and connecting it with the upper liner.

8. Limited use of hair products

Have you noticed Taylor switching up her hair colour often? Likely, no! Despite celebrities having to constantly alter their hair colour and be exposed to heating tools for styling, Taylor avoids experimenting with hairstyles as much as she can. While she sported her naturally curly locks in the initial stages of her career, she now has a wavy hair texture that she likes to keep as it is for shows, music videos and other major events. On a bad hair day, she tucks her tresses into a sleek braid.

9. The ‘less is more’ mantra

Taylor’s not one to plaster her face with heavy makeup. According to Fabbon, her makeup essentials include mascara, liquid eyeliner, lipstick, natural brown eye shadows and a lash curler. As simple as that! Even when the artist’s experimenting with new looks, she never goes overboard. Applying many layers of makeup on a regular basis without prepping your skin properly can clog pores that result in acne. It can also accelerate premature ageing and make skin prone to allergies and dryness. It’s important to let your skin breathe and embrace make-up-free days!

10. Experimenting with new haircuts

taylor swift beauty guide
Image credit: Taylorswift/ Instagram

Without putting her hair through chemical treatments or heat, Taylor spruces things up with fresh haircuts. From shoulder-length waves, and long bobs to side-swept bangs, blunt cut bangs and more, the singer has flaunted many haircuts over the years.

We are stealing Taylor Swift’s skincare and beauty rituals. What about you?

Hero and feature image: Courtesy taylorswift/Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What does Taylor Swift do for her skin?

When it comes to skincare, Taylor Swift swears by a daily dose of moisturisation, using SPF, maintaining a healthy diet and frequent workouts.

– How to get skin like Taylor Swift?

To get an effortless glow like Taylor, keep your skin heavily hydrated, try to eat healthy meals, avoid excess sugar and steer clear of excessive makeup.

– What is Taylor Swift’s favourite makeup?

Taylor’s makeup essentials reportedly include mascara, liquid eyeliner, lipstick, natural brown eye shadows and a lash curler.

Emulate Taylor Swift’s skincare and beauty tips for that striking glow!

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