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These are the best Australian brands for Indian skin, according to a beauty editor

I may have been working in the beauty editorial space for over four years now, but I never saw my love for beauty and writing coming together with the way it has. I’ve always been intrigued by beauty formulas and textures, whether it was my mother’s teal blue eyeliner pencils when I was 12, or even just a new shampoo she bought for us when I was much younger. After earning my stripes in journalism in Australia, I moved back home and started working with the beauty department of one of the country’s best glossies, and the rest is history. Throughout school and university, I always found myself attracted to the beauty aisles, attempting to get the best in my student budget. Today, of course, I have the freedom buy and try a lot more.

My second tryst with the land down under — I’ve been here since early this year to upskill — exposed me to a whole new gamut of A-Beauty that’s exponentially transformed my routine and what I seek when I buy or research beauty. While it is easy to assume that the A-Beauty industry tackles Caucasian skin concerns, that’s far from the truth. Australian laws are very stringent when it comes to their flora and fauna which means their botanicals are of the best quality and loaded with antioxidants. Their expertise lies in ingredients that help tackle aging, sun damage, excess oiliness, and dryness – concerns that Indian skin is exposed to. Check out the best Australian beauty brands for Indian skin.

Sukin Naturals

best Australian beauty brands

Sukin may not be a very old Australian brand, but it’s definitely one of the most noteworthy. They are cruelty-free, natural, vegan, chemical-free, and have recyclable packaging. The brand is finally available in India on Nykaa and has a vast range of effective skincare for every skin type and concern. My favourite: the incredibly light SPF30 Sheer Touch Facial Sunscreen.

Frank Body

best Australian beauty brands

You’ve most likely spotted Frank Body’s cheekiness on your Instagram. Their iconic coffee scrub has garnered a loyal customer base. I often prefer apricot or walnut scrubs since coffee ones usually leave my body feeling sticky, but not this one. Their A-Beauty scrub has helped me tackle ingrown hair and body acne scars with ease thanks to potent local ingredients such as macadamia oil, Kakadu plum, and finger lime. Plus, their fabulous branding makes you want to read the packaging even before opening it.

Go-To Skincare

best Australian beauty brands

Another one that’s out to make skincare fun and easy is Go-To. A no-nonsense skincare brand you know you can trust. From their Exfoliating Swipeys to their Face Hero face oil, I’ve tried almost every single product by them, and each has been better than the other. If you’re someone in your 20s trying to get your skin to adjust to environmental aggressors and tackle signs of general life stressors, this is the one you need in your kit.


Heard of Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach? Now meet BondiChic, the skincare brand that is bottling some of the country’s best botanicals to help your skin battle everything from pollution to pigmentation. Their Australian Blue Mountains Natural Spring Water Hydrating Mist with Kakadu Plum has replaced my beloved rose water mist and is now part of my permanent night-time routine.

Sand & Sky

If you’re someone who’s dealing with dull, acne-prone and oily skin, you need Sand & Sky in your life. Their Porefining Face Mask is one of the best skin detoxifying treatments I’ve tried thanks to its gunk-extracting Pink Clay. I absolutely love masking and this pink tub has easily made it to my all-time top five.


Named after the ultra-hydrating Lanolin that comes from sheep wool, Lano is one of the most trusted Australian names when you need to salvage dry skin. I love the 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm and Aussie Flyer face mask for its nourishing properties, both of which are now my travel essentials.

If you’re someone who enjoys discovering new beauty products from around the world, this is perfect for your beginners’ list.

These are the best Australian brands for Indian skin, according to a beauty editor

Anjan Sachar

While Anjan’s week is made up of writing and talking about everything from glycolic acid to the best new red lipstick, the weekends are spent testing them all, with Gossip Girl reruns on the side. When she isn’t reviewing a new face mask, you’ll find her sipping on mimosas with a side of truffle fries. Her daily essentials: Iced latte with a side of J Balvin and Prateek Kuhad.

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