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Take cues from fashion icon Bella Hadid on how to swiftly depuff your face

When it comes to beauty tips, we’re all for taking Bella Hadid’s word for it, but can dunking your face in a bowl of ice truly help depuff your face? Let’s find out.

Bella Hadid depuffs her face by dunking it in a bowl of ice

Forget morning breath; do you ever wake up with a puffy, swollen face? If the answer is a resounding yes, don’t worry since Bella seems to have it as well, and she relies on a bowl of ice to help de-puff her face. If you didn’t already know, this is a skincare hack that many of our favourite celebrities swear by. But what makes this hack so special?

According to experts, applying ice to the skin or body for health purposes is known as cold therapy, or cryotherapy, and is frequently used to relieve pain and reduce swelling after injuries. For instance, when applying an ice pack to a swollen ankle or a bruise to help reduce swelling.


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Isamaya Ffrench, a make-up artist and Bella’s friend, released an Instagram video showing the fashion model nonchalantly dunking her bare face into a bowl of ice cubes. ‘It’s called Bella Hadid‘s ice bath,’ the model joked before submerging her face in the water.

It turns out that this is a method worth trying. Depuffing your face is a popular technique that includes massaging ice cubes onto your skin, which may tighten and contract the skin, leaving it sculpted and full. Bella Hadid’s beauty hack will certainly help you with puffy skin. It can reduce puffiness under the eyes, reduce the appearance of pores, and relieve inflammation. The procedure increases blood circulation around your face. Overall, this trend is not damaging to the skin, however extreme temperature changes can cause redness and irritation.

While some may consider this an extreme method of shaking off the Monday morning cobwebs, Bella’s method is really a rather tried-and-tested method called cryotherapy or ‘skin cooling.’ It has long been used in Korean skincare, and it has a lengthy list of celebrity converts, including Joan Crawford and Jennifer Aniston.

How to include ice in your skincare routine

If you want to try the fad but don’t want to submerge your face in ice first thing in the morning, cryotherapy tools have lately gained popularity, enabling you to reap the advantages of skin icing without the extreme face-submerging element.

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Take cues from fashion icon Bella Hadid on how to swiftly depuff your face

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