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10 Korean products you need to buy for glowing skin

When it comes to beauty innovations and new-age skincare products, nothing can beat Korean products. The country is known for its extensive 10-step skincare regime, powerhouse products, and technology-based beauty know-how.

With new Korean-based Instagram accounts and new retail sites, the demand for Korean products is increasing every day. Korean brands are also steadily entering the Indian market. Not only are these brands setting up shops in the country, but they are also creating awareness about Korean ingredients, regimes, and technology with larger-than-life launches and extensive influencer programmes. So if you are looking for an illuminating glow, these Korean products can help you attain that.

Cleansing Balm: Banila Co Clean It Zero

This one’s known as the world’s favourite cleanser because it melts stubborn makeup beautifully without stripping the skin of its nourishing natural oils. The fact that it’s a good exfoliator works in its favour, and also brings the glow with its vitamin C-rich acerola extract.

Face Wash: Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Stick Green Tea, Rs 1,550

One of the most travel-friendly products, it’s actually a cleansing stick and contains 13 natural oils and natural green tea leaves that gently exfoliate and remove oil-based impurities, making your skin looking brighter.  

Toner: Son & Park Toner, Rs 2,250

A life-changing, multi-tasking toner, it can also be used as a primer and cleansing water. It creates a clean base, and can also act as a gentle exfoliant. It features lavender water, rose water, and orange fruit extract, all of which help hydrate the skin, and willow bark and papaya extract, which reveal a brighter skin tone.

Essence: Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, Rs 1,450

It may contain 90 percent slime instead of water, but it is a holy grail that’s perfect for acne-prone skin. It also tightens, brightens, and even treats early signs of wrinkles.

Serum: Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, Rs 1,400

Known to reduce blackheads and excess sebum, all the while hydrating the skin, this one contains four percent BHAs that clean pores and exfoliate. With Betaine salicylate as its main active ingredient, this lightweight, anti-acne serum keeps your skin bright and clear.

Exfoliator: Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine, Rs 2,000

They call it wine without the extra calories for a reason because this exfoliator comes with 30 single-use pads that provide gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and impurities. It also contains lactic acid that cleans out pores. The star here is, of course, Resveratrol, which comes from red wine and helps contain pigmentation.

Vitamin C: Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, Rs 1,570

This is one of the best Vitamin C products. It features ingredients that are safe and non-irritating. It contains five percent ascorbic acid and makes sure your brown spots and pigmentation are taken care of.

Moisturiser: belif The True Cream Water Bomb, Rs 3,010

Formulated with freshwater mint extract and lighter than air, the True Cream Water Bomb makes sure your skin gets its dose of moisture. It also balances skin hydration and oil secretion levels, making you look even-toned and clear.

Mask: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, Rs 1,850

An overnight mask, it comes with a sleep-tox purifying effect and an aromatic sleep scent that helps you relax. Infused with orange flower, rose, and sandalwood, it penetrates the skin while you sleep to deeply hydrate.

Sunscreen: Lagom Cellus Sun Gel SPF50, Rs 1,680

This offering doesn’t leave a white cast, comes with a matte finish, and is lightweight and easy on the skin.

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