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There are, perhaps, a few positives that have come out of this dim year and prolonged periods of lockdown: Time to reflect, recharge, relearn, and recuperate, in other words – self-care! For those, like me, who are beauty enthusiasts and have the privilege of time and space in this quarantine phase; experimenting with DIY hair masks, new makeup trips, and trying at-home manicures has been an absolute joy. In the beauty industry, much like the fashion industry, this year has pushed sustainability to the forefront. And in a bid to reduce waste and go easy on the pocket, beauty editors are turning to simple, easy makeup tips to do the trick. We asked 6 influential Indian Beauty Editors their secrets, and they shared some effective advice.

Vasudha Rai, Beauty & Wellness Columnist, The Hindu Weekend & VOGUE India

Indian Beauty Editors

“I use a mask made of wild turmeric, orange peel, and raw honey. I mix about 2 pinches of each and add ½ tsp honey, plus a mist or little water to make it pasty. I leave this on my face for 15 to 20 minutes and then take a bath. It’s rejuvenating and refreshing. I do this maybe 2 times per week. “ Vasudha also made it a point to add that she oils her hair with Bhringraj or any Ayurvedic oil 2 to 3 times per week, as well.

Geeta Rao, Creative Director at Geeta’s List & Ex-Beauty Director at VOGUE India

Indian Beauty Editors

“I rub chilled papaya peels on my skin for a quick pick up and conditioning. And, I also use leftover French press coffee grounds as a scrub, mixed with olive or coconut oil. Lastly, I believe raw milk (unpasteurized) can act as a great cleanser that will make your skin glow. I love working with waste around the house and turning it into a quick DIY.”

Aparrna Gupta, Consulting Beauty Editor & Ex-Beauty Editor at VERVE

Indian Beauty Editors

“In these times, as we strip away our moisture with more than the usual amount of soap and sanitiser, it’s important to keep your hands hydrated. I started out, this quarantine, using a fancy shea butter hand cream, but it took me a while to work the cream into my palms. So, I shifted to quick and humble coconut oil. After every alternate handwash, because after every hand wash might be too much, I take a couple of drops and rub it into my hands. Coconut oil absorbs within 10 seconds. It’s non-sticky and has no fragrance, so it feels natural, only softer!” Aparna did add, once more, that she cannot stress the importance of hand care.

Kelsey Kissane, Ex-Beauty Editor at Harper’s Bazaar India & Brides Today India

Indian Beauty Editors

“For Zoom meetings and video calls, I want to look put together without wasting too much time. So, I utilise quick makeup hacks, like using the same blush or bronzer on my cheeks and lids. It ends up looking pretty advance and the monochrome effect makes you look awake.”

Hena Desai, Beauty Editor at Grazia India

“My fuss-free hack to liven up before unscheduled video calls and grocery runs involves only one product and a lot of crafty cheating: A tinted lip balm. I’m addicted to rosy, glossy balms and like to keep them around. To get ready in literally a minute, pick up some product with clean fingers and dab it on your cheeks gently in an upward direction, almost till the ears. Dab some on the nose for a natural, effortless flush. Use small quantities or you’ll end up looking like a greasy mess. Then, add a touch of it on your brow bones – the sheen instantly highlights and brightens the eyes – followed by a generous swipe of the balm on your lips. Tie your hair back in a low, messy bun, pull out face-framing strands and you’re ready with a quick fix.”

Latha Sunadh, Beauty Editor at Lifestyle Asia India

Indian Beauty Editors

“I am not big into DIY beauty, but I try to do a few things that have worked for me in the past and are evergreen in my beauty book. I use an icepack an hour before an important video call (I used to do this before stepping out for a big event). I also like using a banana-honey-oat exfoliator to brighten up my skin in minutes: Mashup 1 small banana with 3 tbsp of oats and 1 tbsp of honey. Additionally, every now and then, I apply tomato juice with a few spoons of honey to brighten up dull skin.”

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