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What can you do on a long weekend? Try these 8 great beauty rituals

A stressful and hectic life is routine for most people and that means there is no time for self-care. If you are enjoying a long overdue break this long weekend, we’ve got some easy ways to decompress. Three days of a long weekend is enough time to indulge in some beauty rituals. We’ve picked out eight self-care ideas for you. 


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Ever since we heard actress Sameera Reddy and beauty Vloggers Malavika Sitlani talk about it, we were curious about this beauty ritual. Is it as good as a facial? Everyone seems to think so. Dermaplaning is actually a good way to exfoliate your skin. You can go professional with it or find a good razor like these Tinkle ones that everyone’s talking about, and gently scrape the surface to remove dead skin and fuzz. And yes, it is shaving the face, so it requires care and patience. Here’s a tutorial that can help.

Splurge on an alternative treatment

Dr Geetika Drip Bar
Dr Geetika’s Drip Bar

Cryotherapy is popular, Drip Therapy is in, and we’ve also written about a Wishpro facial at Ageless Clinic and LED facials at Issac Luxe. If you are new to Ayurveda, head to Forest Essentials and try their ubtans with an expert. 

Download a new and exciting meditation app

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Don’t we love a good app to try all those interesting ideas in wellness? We love a few apps that help us centre ourselves – there is Calm, HappyNotPerfect, and Headspace. It’s hard to meditate but worth trying. 

Nail a night-time routine that works for you

Retinol or Vitamin C, or chemical exfoliation? One gets confused about what works as a good night-time routine, so read up on what suits your skin and recreate a good one. Start with a cleansing balm, move to a face wash, exfoliate, apply a sheet mask, and wash off. Follow it up with a toner, a serum, and a moisturiser. Finish up with a glow oil of your choice. That’s the ideal routine. If you are looking for product recommendations, head to The Skincare Edit.

Fix a bath, a long one 


Make sure you take a long, languid bath. Get good bath salts at Lush. Try a jelly shower gel – we love the one at Sephora India. There are also floral ones like the kinds at Bath & Body Works from the Aromatherapy Collection. And light up a candle – we love the ones at Fragrance People, especially the Fruit Melange flavour. Add in a calming tea – Rosehip + Cinnamon tea over at Pahadi Local works wonders on your skin. Add a few essential oils, play a great playlist and you’re done. 

Netflix and Facemask

Sleeping masks

Masking is a common self-care activity, so find a way to make it your own. Find an ingredient you’ve never tried and try to use it in a facemask while watching your favourite show. The  sheet masks we love the most include Luxderme Brightening Face Mask, Dr Sheth’s Brightening Sheet Mask, and any of the Tony Moly ones. Find a DIY mask by ordering some great ingredients and hydrosols from Blend It Raw Apothecary (they have some great DIY ideas). 

Dry Brushing 

Dry brushing is a great way to get your circulation going and to get rid of cellulite. We first saw it on Being Nita’s page. For those who are new to it, check out her highlights to know how to do it. All you need to do is use a good hand brush and keep brushing upwards to get rid of flaky skin. Use a good almond oil to soothe the skin – we think Forest Essentials Almond Oil works wonders. Use the The Body Shop Long Handled Cactus Bath Brush for best results. 

Get your luxe salon to make a home call

We love indulgent services. Our favourite salon Jean-Claude Biguine brings great facials and body spas to your doorstep. Starting at Rs 499, JCB knows how to bring their best to the self-care game. The star services include Rejuvenating Body Spas that help relieve stress and muscle tension, and the Painless French Waxing is something we’ve heard a lot about. You can also try the Brazilian wax. There are bespoke manicures and pedicures, and a wide range of French facials to bring that glow back. 

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