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Are you ready for J-Beauty routine as Japanese beauty brands eye the Indian market

With new Japanese beauty brands like DHC entering the Indian market, we question is J-Beauty the new K-Beauty? While we love the layering and the cleansing options the later offers, there are times that our hectic lifestyles don’t allow for the proper care. It is perhaps this need along with the flawless skin of most Japanese women that has led us to seek and understand the nuances of J-Beauty.

J Beauty

What is J Beauty?

J-Beauty isn’t simply an all encompassing term for beauty products that originated in the island nation. It is in fact an amalgamation of traditional and modern concepts, routines and extensively researched products. J-beauty is more focused on prevention rather than cure or treatment, ideals of healthy skin are ingrained in the followers which is why it is seeing an exponential rise in popularity.

What is the origin of J-Beauty?

Japanese skincare regimes can be linked to the history of Geishas in Japan. As professional entertainers with painted white faces (called oshiroi or shironuri in Japanese), it was essential for the Geisha’s to look after their skin. Their simple yet effective routines includes the use of Japanese dietary ingredients like rice, seaweed, green tea and camellia oil. This traditional knowledge has been passed down by generations and is forms the core of J-beauty products.

What are the defining factors of J-Beauty?

Now the big question, the one that puts your skincare needs into either the J or the K block. Whether it’s K-Popstars like BlackPink, BTS or K dramas (Netflix has some great options) everything that comes out of South Korea reaches extreme popularity. K-Beauty falls into a similar boat with K-Beauty creating trending products and routines. From bright packaging, cleansing balms to trendy sheet masks, a whole gamut of fun products fall into this category. The primary difference between the two is that K-Beauty routines involve multiple steps and products while J-Beauty ones are focused on singular highly effective ones.

What are the available J Beauty products in India?

Brands like Shiseido and SK-II have some presence in the country. The most recent entrant into India’s burgeoning beauty space is DHC. A cult beauty brand that needs little introduction amongst the J-beauty followers. An affordable, drugstore brand that has several award-winning products like the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (Rs 1,490 for 70ml) that is one of the most popular and best selling makeup cleansers in the world. Formulated with organic virgin olive oil, it also melts away excess sebum and old skin cells effortlessly. Another great product is the DHC Face Wash Powder (Rs 699 for 15gms) that with a little water lathers beautifully and is lightweight.

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