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Sulphate- and Paraben-free shampoos for those looking to make a switch

Shampoos are non-negotiable in our daily routines. Do you know the negative effects a regular shampoo can have on you and your hair? The regular shampoo contains chemicals like sulphates (SLS)and parabens; sulphates are the cleansing agent that strips away natural oils in your hair, whereas parabens are the chemicals that are used to increase the shelf life of shampoo and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Sulphates leave your skin and hair feeling extremely dry. This chemical tends to irritate the scalped, skin, and even your eyes. Plus, it also causes excessive hair fall. Sulphates happen to be derived from petroleum and are not earth-friendly at all.

Parabens can cause an allergic reaction and can even make dermatitis worse, especially in young children. Not only that, but parabens can also interfere with the production of hormones.

Come 2021, with sustainability, transparency of ingredients and switching to all-natural products, everyone’s looking out for shampoos that are trustworthy when it comes to hair health. While making a change in beauty products can be a little daunting especially if you turn to certain products out of habit, making a switch to SLS and Paraben-free shampoos could give you a new perspective, great formulas and of course, save the environment in the process.

Natural products retain the oils present in your hair while also using eco-friendly ingredients. So making that switch can help your scalp and hair feel so much better.

Here are 10 SLS- and Paraben-free shampoos we highly recommend

This eco-conscious formula comes without any parabens, sulphates, and colouring. Its best for normal to dry hair and contains: olive oil, aloe vera, and organic sugarcane. It leaves your hair looking super fresh and clean, while also restoring a silky shine.


Image Via The Body Shop Website


This is a 100% vegetarian Ayurvedic formula to provide a perfectly balanced shampoo. Not only does it cleanse your scalp but also leaves it hydrated. Made of organic hibiscus petals, aloe vera, and moisturizing honey.

Image: Courtesy Soul Tree website

This herbal cleanser is made up of Shikakai, Amla Tulsi, Mehndi, Lemon, and other rare herbs. It helps in hair growth and nourishment – definitely an age-old formula for all hair types.

Image: Courtesy Khadi Naturals


The two main ingredients are milk protein and Vitamin E. Milk Protein carries restructuring and healing properties that restore hair, repair damage, and stimulate hair growth. Vitamin E supports a healthy scalp because of its natural antioxidants effects that could assist with maintaining hair growth.

Image: Courtesy Earth Rhythm

Suitable for all hair types this product is an amalgamation of amla, soya protein, pure coconut oil, and much more. The honey leaves your hair looking shiny and with a sweet fragrance. It’s known for nourishing hair and preventing hair thinning.

Image: Courtesy Forest Essential

Re’equil has been coming up with some great formulas and ones that we gravitate towards are the gentle ones that prevent hair fall and hair breakage. They remove any residue build-up like silicones and maintain the hair structure by adding volume to dull, thin hair.

Goji berry happens to be the superfood for hair because not only does it strengthen but it also protects the scalp, toots, and hair. Brahmi has been used in hair care for centuries and alfalfa is the most nutrient-rich plant in the world. This product leaves your hair feeling nourished and fresh.

Image: Courtesy The Earth Collective

It’s a gentle herbal cleanser with friendly ingredients like hibiscus and shikakai. Not only does it cleanse your hair but it also adds volume to it. It effectively tackles problems of premature greying split ends and much more.

Image: Courtesy Shesha Ayurveda

A shampoo made for purifying the scalp coupled with a toning cleanser for weak and thinning hair. This product promotes hair strength. While preventing issues of hair loss and breakages. It also enhances texture and shine.

Image: Courtesy Kama Ayurveda

Powered by four Ayurvedic herbs the shampoo penetrates the hair and scalp trying to reverse internal and structural damage. It also has anti-dandruff properties along with protecting you from hair fall.

Image: Courtesy Coco Soul

Sulphate- and Paraben-free shampoos for those looking to make a switch

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