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These 16 tea tree products are a must have in your beauty routine

Loaded with the goodness of nature in its essence, tea tree oil is an essential oil that’s widely used by people as part of their skincare regimen. Whether used topically in its undiluted form or by means of products enriched with the natural oil itself, its use in your daily lives for healthy skin and hair is a must. Extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, tea tree oil possesses numerous healing properties that help in treating a variety of skin and hair related problems.

It has been used as a medicine in traditional ways by native Australians for centuries and it’s been further gaining popularity globally over the years. Right from working as an antiseptic to boasting anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, the benefits of this essential oil are far too wide and the uses far too many.

Benefits of tea tree oil

Apart from several other compounds it contains, the oil’s main component terpinen-4-ol is the one that’s known to kill bacteria and other viruses which makes it highly effective and valued as a natural remedy. As quoted in a study, “it plays a key role in mediating the oil’s antimicrobial activity. The essential oil of Melaleuca spp. has been reported to possess effective antibacterial and antifungal properties in vitro.” It also helps in managing skin conditions like acne, inflammations, warts, athlete’s foot, blisters, fungal infections, among others.

While the pros of using this essential oil for skin-related conditions are plenty, there’s so much that it does for the health and hygiene of your hair and scalp as well. It not just aids in strengthening but also helps in hair growth and getting rid of dandruff, itchiness, and flakiness. Whether you use a tea tree oil shampoo or mix in a few drops of the oil with your regular one, it sure does wonders for you.

Furthermore, based on a research on PubMed, plant-based essential oils like tea tree oil or olive oil, act as a substantial alternative to the commonly established insect repellent DEET. Tea tree oil also helps in healing cuts and wounds.

If applying the oil topically gets a tad bit trickier for you, fret not because we’ve got you covered. To make sure that you reap all its benefits in the easiest of ways, we chalked out some amazing tea tree oil-based products for you. Be it for your skin or your hair, this list of tea tree oil products is all that you need to go through.

Hero Image: Courtesy Unsplash/Chelsea Shapouri; Featured Image: Courtesy Pexels/Dominika Roseclay

Owing to one of its main active ingredients — tea tree oil, this product is nothing less than a gem if you have an oily and blemished skin. Enriched with the goodness of organic tea tree oil grown in the foothills of Mount Kenya, this clay mask deeply cleanses your skin to remove impurities. Its cooling sensation leaves your itchy skin feeling refreshed, calm, and soothed down. It’s natural and cruelty-free, smells amazing, and does its job perfectly.

To use it, simply apply a layer of the mask on your cleansed face and leave it on for a good 5-10 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water, pat dry, and voila, a clearer looking skin awaits you!

Image: courtesy The Body Shop

Hailing from a brand that makes safe and dermatologically tested products, the Mamaearth ‘Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash’ and ‘Face Serum’ are truly saviours. They are formulated with the antibacterial properties of the essential oil and Salicylic Acid, which together fight bacteria, clear pores, and control excess secretion of oil. While the tea tree oil face wash deeply cleanses, the antioxidants in the serum also helps in reducing acne marks and reversing pigmentation caused by UV rays.

Use the foaming wash by wetting your face and neck with water followed by gently massaging a pump of it all over, using the built-in brush. Rinse it off and pat dry afterwards. As for the serum, apply a few drops on your face and neck and massage it gently in upward circular motions until it gets absorbed. These tea tree oil products are suitable for all skin types.

Image: courtesy Amazon India

This tea tree oil for hair combined with another primary ingredient Gunjadi oil, is a great solution to your dandruff-related problems. The antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of both oils together fight dandruff, fungal infections, and harmful impacts of free radicals. It further reduces itching and nourishes the scalp.

This tea tree oil product is suitable for all hair types and can be used by applying directly on the scalp followed by a gentle massage with fingertips. Leave it for a few hours or overnight and wash it off with a shampoo.

Image: courtesy The Derma Co

Reap in the tea tree oil benefits combined with the nourishment of neem and tulsi in this natural and vegan body scrub that’s oh-so-therapeutic. Great for even an allergy-prone and sensitive skin type, this au naturel scrub removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores leaving your skin smoother, more toned, and rejuvenated. While tea tree and neem lead to purification of acne-prone skin, the tulsi aroma refreshes and uplifts your mood.

Start by gently massaging a generous amount of the scrub on damp skin in circular motions. Continue for just a few minutes and then rinse it with cool water. While it’s an everyday product that can be used daily, a patch test is also recommended since a natural product reacts differently to each skin type.

Image: courtesy Kama Ayurveda

An alcohol-free toner rich in pure tea tree extracts, this product is what you should be incorporating in your daily skincare routine. It absorbs deep into your skin easily, treating it with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. While it fights pimple-causing bacteria, reduces blemishes, and evens skin tone, it also prevents excess oil secretion and sebum formulation.

You can use this toner in both your morning and skincare routines after you’ve cleaned your face. Apply the toner to a cotton ball or pad and swipe it all over your face and neck and you’re good to go.

Image: courtesy Biotique

Formulated with tea tree oil and vitamin A combined with silver and zinc oxide, this paste diminishes spots, blemishes, and redness to keep your skin looking clean and refreshed. While tea tree oil heals skin inflammation along with fighting acne-causing bacteria, vitamin A helps your skin in production of its natural proteins. The spot paste is vegan and cruelty-free and provides over 50 applications.

All you’ve got to do is apply a thick layer onto the affected area and let it dry into an absorbing paste. Apart from this, the paste can also be used as a thin layer under your makeup. However, avoid its contact with eyes.

Image: courtesy Carbon Theory

If you’ve been looking for a tea tree oil for face, how about instead opting for this daily solution that’s a total game changer. A 100% vegan product that boasts of community trade tea tree oil from the foothills of Mount Kenya, this solution will become your go-to in no time. It fights blemishes and controls the oiliness and texture of your skin while leaving it feeling clearer, more purified, and mattified.

Make the most of this tea tree daily solution by applying it directly to the areas of concern. Either use a cotton ball or your fingertips to pat it into your skin gently.

Image: courtesy The Body Shop

A facial toning mist that’s a mix of antibacterial properties with distillates, the hydrosol is 100% organic and helps calm active acne while preventing any further breakouts. It also rebalances sebum, restores your skin’s pH, and cleanses clogged pores. Including it in your daily skincare regimen is a must!

Before you use it, clean your face with a cleanser and pat dry. Now hold the spray bottle a few inches away from your face, close your eyes, and get set spray.

Image: courtesy Juicy Chemistry

Have you been looking for tea tree oil for acne problems? If yes, then look no further because this face serum boasts of all the tea tree oil benefits one could ask for. Packed with the power of organic tea tree oil, green tea, turmeric, aloe vera, neem, cucumber extracts, and magnolia, this product equals nature in all its essence. Fighting acne and their recurrence, reducing scars and dark spots, and treating blemishes is what this goodness is meant to do. Continuous use of this face serum leads to a calm and refreshed skin.

Take a few drops of the serum on your fingertips and spread it all over your face and neck. Gently massage it in outwards and circular motion and let it absorb into your skin.

Image: courtesy Tata Cliq

Your search for a tea tree oil for dandruff ends here with this hair mask that ensures nourished and healthy scalp and hair with its blend of different oils. Safe for even chemically treated and coloured hair, this mask is rich in lemon oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, and essential oil like argan oil. The mask helps in controlling dandruff as well as calming an irritated and itchy scalp.

To use it, start by parting your hair in two halves. Take a generous amount of the mask onto your palm and start applying it to your wet scalp and hair. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off with a shampoo. You can use this chemical free mask 2-3 times a week

Image: courtesy Amazon India

This is an effective pimple-reducing cleanser that treats active acne by drying them out, unclogs and tightens pores, and further reduces breakouts and blemishes. The cleanser is formulated with neem oil, tulsi, tea tree oil, Calendula flower, aloe vera extracts, and plant-derived Salicylic acid and Allantoin. Together, all these natural ingredients help in detoxifying skin, restoring moisture levels, boosting its renewal, and healing the skin tissue. This tea tree face wash is loaded with everything that an acne-prone skin could need.

To use this dermatologically tested foaming cleanser, take an adequate amount and massage it gently on your damp face and neck in a circular motion. Rinse it off and then pat dry.

Image: courtesy Kama Ayurveda

Because of their antibacterial and antiseptic properties, this neem and tea tree oil hair cleanser is like a soothing balm for your hair and scalp. It removes dandruff and treats your flaky-scaly scalp leaving it feeling revitalised and healthy. The fragrance of this tea tree oil shampoo is naturally rejuvenating.

To make the most of it, take the required amount and gently massage it onto your scalp and hair. Work it into a lather and rinse off. Also, this tea tree oil hair cleanser is safe to use on chemically treated and coloured hair.

Image: courtesy Mantra Herbal

A tea tree face wash blended with the benefits of neem and hemp, this product is meant for an oily and pimple prone skin. It cleanses your skin gently yet deeply and reduces your breakout frequency. Apart from that, the face wash also clears pores, boosts the skin’s nutrient-absorbing ability, and promotes a healthy skin overall.

You can use this cleanser like a regular face wash by massaging the required amount on the wet skin until it forms a rich lather. Rinse it away and then pat dry with a soft towel.

Image: courtesy Juicy Chemistry

This pure tea tree oil infused with neem and basil is a non-greasy formula that treats multiple hair issues. While it helps in getting rid of scalp problems, dandruff, split ends, and hair fall, it also provides softness, shine, strength, and growth to your mane.

The oil is suitable for all hair types and you can leave it overnight after gently massaging it onto your scalp. If not overnight, leave the oil on at least for an hour before washing your hair.

Image: courtesy Khadi Natural

Rich in tea tree oil, willow bark extract, and Propanediol Caprylate, this tea tree shampoo for dandruff is what you need for a rejuvenated and healthy scalp sans any flakes or scales. The 100% vegan and sulphate-free oil also reduces itchiness and soothes your scalp. The product also boasts of being 100% fragrance-free and silicone-free.

During your hair wash, lather up the required amount onto your wet hair and scalp and leave it on for 2 minutes. Rinse it off afterwards and follow up with a gentle conditioner.

Image: courtesy Plum

A heavenly blend of ingredients that are beneficial for oily skin like basil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, turmeric, walnut shell powder, rose water, and neem, this face gel helps in achieving a healthy and glowing skin. The amalgam of these ingredients together purifies and nourishes the skin from deep within. It’s formulated without any harmful toxins and is suitable for all skin types.

Take a dollop of the night gel and apply it all over your cleansed face and neck. Massage it gently in upward circular motions until it’s absorbed completely.

Image: courtesy Tata Cliq


What does tea tree oil do for skin?

Tea tree oil has many advantages for your skin. Owing to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics, it helps in treating fungal infections. Because it works as an antiseptic, it treats minor cuts and blisters and stimulates the wound to heal quicker. Due to its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, this essential oil can help in managing many skin issues.

Who should use tea tree products?

You should avoid using tea tree oil if you have eczema. Since excessive use of tea tree oil can also lead to dryness and scaling, people with a dry skin type should use it in controlled amounts. Because of the strength of the oil, it is also advised to not use tea tree oil for babies who aren’t at least six months old. Always be mindful of the usage of this oil for your infants and kids and use it in a diluted form.

Does tea tree oil have any side effects?

Tea tree oil is a generally safe product to incorporate in your beauty routine however, people with eczema should avoid using tea tree oil. Always do a small patch test before using the product. It is also advisable to not consume it orally because it’s harmful when ingested.

Can we apply tea tree oil directly on the face?

While you can use tea tree oil directly on the face, it is recommended to not use it all over the face but only on spots and areas that need to be treated. Avoid using it on irritated and scaly skin and never mix it into your face moisturisers or serums that you use on your entire face. If you’re using tea tree oil for your pimples, make sure there isn’t any other treatment that you take simultaneously with it. Always consult your dermatologist before starting use of tea tree oil, especially if you have any health conditions.

Does tea tree oil clear dark spots and pigmentation?

Tea tree oil does not entirely clear dark spots and pigmentation, however, it has shown positive effects in managing them. While tea tree oil helps in treating acne scars and pimples, it also fights blemish related bacteria consequently promoting faster healing. This consequently results in lesser dark spots and pigmentation.

Hero Image: Courtesy Unsplash/Chelsea Shapouri; Featured Image: Courtesy Pexels/Dominika Roseclay

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