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Estée Lauder upgrades ANR, the cult #1 night serum. Here’s why it needs to top your skincare list

Estée Lauder upgrades its #1 night-time serum. The new Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is here and here’s why it should top your skincare list this year.

Trust Estée Lauder to keep reinventing its repertoire with their all-time favourites, upgraded and revived to meet modern needs. TBH, it’s the trend du jour. Formulas are no longer repackaged, and the hunt for newer additions to a skincare line is being rejected. Instead, the most sustainable way to make consumption of skincare better is to equip each existing product with advanced ingredients and uplift its potency to meet modern needs head-on. 

That’s why we are excited about Estée Lauder’s biggest product launch this year – the new revolutionised Advanced Night Repair (ANR), the iconic bestseller from the house in a completely new light. What’s in it, you ask? A transformation in formula introducing epigenetic science with added benefits and all-new translucent glass bottle packaging, which encourages sustainability and track usage. It’s also tested and proven on Indian skin. We give you a low-down on why this new formula will change your skin for the better.  

new Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

The new Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex is known for many things – primarily, it’s about fast repair and youth-generating power. This formula is backed by an unprecedented discovery in the scientific field of Epigenetics and is known to take anti-ageing to the next level. Armed with Chronolux TM Power Signal Technology, the new Advanced Night Repair is all about efficacy. It affects natural repair and helps increase skin’s natural renewal of fresh new cells and production of collagen. That means, reduction in signs of ageing and protecting the skin from every environmental assault. 

At LSA, we are already addicted to the goodness of the exciting Advanced Night Repair. But this upgrade is even more beneficial to the skin as it’s high on hydration. Fine lines are tackled, moisture boost is an add-on, and it’s better for pigmented skin. And if you’re one to be bothered by large pores, the serum manages to make your skin firmer and promises diminished pores.

new Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

What exactly is this Breakthrough Epigenetics Discovery?

It’s a well-known fact, in the field of epigenetics, that only 25% of ageing is predetermined by your genes. 75% of the ageing process comes from environmental and lifestyle factors. In the early 2000s, a powerful new class of epigenetic micro signalling molecules were discovered. With intense research in the last seven years, Estée Lauder scientists researched over 80 micro signalling molecules found in skin cells to look at skin-ageing and identified one molecule that allows natural repair and promotes anti-ageing pathways. It’s also known to increase natural renewal of fresh, new cells and boost skin’s natural collagen production.

new Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Another new technology that this new upgrade brings forth is the New ChronoluxTM Power Signal Technology, which is also inspired by the science of epigenetics. The new patent-pending micro signalling molecule activator is powered by a proprietary blend of yeast extract, a peptide, and plant-derived ingredients. They help maximize skin’s natural repair and help boost youth-generating power.


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That means smoother, more radiant skin with more hydration and less dryness and fuss. And if it’s a glow you are looking at, look no further than this miracle bottle for added firmness, hydration, and even-toned skin. We’re loving the apothecary-inspired version of the ‘little brown bottle’, which comes in recyclable glass and enhanced translucency gradient – so chic, yet so eco-friendly. We already love the silky-smooth texture the serum gives our skin, but now, it minimises pores, repairs skin fast, and boosts natural collagen and delivers targeted efficacy.

The new Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex starts at Rs 1,250 for 7 ml. It’s available at all Estee Lauder flagship stores, Nykaa, Sephora, Myntra and Shopper’s Stop. 

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