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Teresa Tarmey knows a thing or two about incredible, glowing, lit-from-within kind of skin. Inventor of the red carpet facial and creator of the world’s best microneedling kit (a bestseller on Net-a-Porter), Tarmey is the one behind the faces of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Cara Delevingne, Naomie Harris among others. Her salon in Kensington, London, is a mecca for all those looking for impeccable skin, and the city’s elite is obsessed with her result-oriented approach. With 22 years of experience under her belt, Tarmey is in India this week, to launch her salon at the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai. We sat down with her to talk everything skin.

On how she launched her salon

It all started because I suffered from a lot of skin issues growing up. For a long time I had acne, and was determined to find a way to tackle it. Soon, I became very passionate about helping my own and other people’s skin, which led to the label. My signature facial is perfect for those looking for a big difference. We do have body treatments but facials are our thing.

Teresa Tarmey for Sophia Spring
Teresa Tarmey for Sophia Spring
On what makes her facials different

The way we do facials is unique. We do everything in one facial – it’s not focused on one area or problem really – it’s overall health with a glow. Whether it’s cleaning the skin, preparing it, extractions, or brightening, we do everything in one facial. Client-specific conditions like pigmentation, acne, rosacea, broken capillaries, are taken care of. Our result-oriented skincare mantra is to stay simple, offer more on a platter, and give better skin at the at the end of it all. We also value the experience and therapists – they need to be given more importance than products, places and brands. 

My signature facial is done with lactic acid, which brightens, deep cleans, and extracts. You also get the radio frequency for skin tightening and firming; the cryoball to sculpt and depuff; and the LED to brighten. That’s the red carpet look.

Teresa Tarmey
Products, part of the microneedling kit
On the star products from her line

In our busy lives, there’s hardly any time to maintain the skin. People who can’t come to see me but like my work can do their own facial now with my microneedling, a 12-week programme, in the comfort of their home. It’s known to deliver facialist-like results. Soon, am venturing into oil-free retinol and other DIY kits with LED next. 

On what one should look for before heading for a facial

The only thing to look for is a therapist with lots of experience, someone who is a skin specialist. Never go to a facialist who can do nails, hair, or even body. 

Teresa Tarmey

On how often one should get a facial

Once a month is perfect – with dirt, pollution, fine lines etc, it is good enough every month.

On different facials for young skin and mature skin

Younger skin is plump, so cleaning up is a good thing. Mature skin needs more care – tightening is the goal.

Teresa Tarmey
Teresa Tarmey’s cryotherapy ball
On Indian skin issues

Asian skin is not entirely different from European counterparts, but I will emphasise that Asian and African-American women do not use SPF as much as they should. With high melanin content, pigmentation is a huge problem. I am a big fan of SPF 50 and recommend Heliocare.  

On the biggest facial myths people follow

Facial oils. Oils are great for relaxation but not for results. They clog the pores and irritate sensitive skin. Another myth is concentrating on massages more than facials. But an aesthetic medical facial – that’s the one that delivers radiance.

On how to prep the skin for a facial

Always wear SPF, use a cream that hydrates, drink lots of water, and don’t squeeze your own skin.

Teresa Tarmey
Teresa Tarmey’s microneedling kit
Trends in skincare and facials

I am a fan of microneedling – it’s a way of delivering good ingredients into the skin effectively. I also think LED facials are good for brightening. Retinol and hyularonic acid are also good and provide maximum hydration. The star skincare ingredient I love is lactic acid. It’s really good for Indian skin and very effective for brightening.

On how the Four Seasons Salon in Mumbai came about

I have a lot of Indian clients in London, and they often ask if we have a centre here so they can continue their treatments or consult. Besides, I have been coming to India since 1999 – I travel often to Goa – so I said, why not. Promptly made a few calls, followed with a few people and here we are. Four Seasons partnered with us and I am glad to be here and this is a great fit.

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