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Prep and prime: The millennial beauty handbook for weddings in 2020

Millennials are looking at a variety of beauty treatments and products to make sure their routine is prepped to perfection before they attend the next wedding. Whether you’re an attendee, a bridesmaid, the sister of the bride, or the bestie, it’s all about keeping your skin healthy so you shine at the festivities. From practising the smokey eye, to getting special facials are done, browse our best wedding makeup guide on how to prep for the spotlight when wedding season arrives. 

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Best wedding skincare 

At-Home Treatments

When it comes to skincare, consistency goes a long way. Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta, Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, ISAAC Luxe recommends using a gentle pH-balanced cleanser to wash your face followed by an exfoliating toner. “If you’re looking for instant hydration, make the most of a hydrating sheet mask. Make the most of a face cream and a Vitamin C cream/serum to help you glow. Lastly, don’t skip sunscreen, especially if it’s a day wedding,” says Gupta.


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Facials & Drip Therapy

This season is all about dewy skin so Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta suggests opting for a medi-facial that’s more than a clean up at a salon. Her current favourite is the Glass Glow Facial, an exclusive Korean Beauty Facial that infuses pure hyaluronic acid and other vitamins straight into your skin with microneedles. Opt for 1 session just before the flurry of weddings begin, and a sesh in between to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

Since winters are also the season for body aches, flu and even hangovers, drip therapy is wellness therapy to help you heal inside out. Opt for Ultraviv IV infusions that soothe body aches, headaches, sleep deprivation as well as hangovers. The 60-minute session is virtually painless and results last up to weeks.

Use beauty tools well

gua sha

If you’re looking to add more self-care to your beauty routine and to make sure your skin stays fresh from event to event, you must look at investing in good tools. “From Foreo that washes off the grease and grime to Gua Sha that helps maintain the skin – its important to invest in good facial tools. Better yet, grab a jade roller and use it after a facial oil or a sheet mask to you see instant results,” says Gupta. Not only does it help to penetrate the product, using it outwards initiates lymphatic drainage too.

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Post Wedding Routine

Keep cotton swabs, and micellar water next to your bed stand, so you don’t miss removing your makeup. 

Prop up your pillows to avoid puffiness on face and eyes.

If you have another wedding or function to attend the next day, make the most of a cold spoon in the under-eye area. It works every time!


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The more we learn about makeup, the more we know it’s all about the prep before you apply your skin. If you’re doing your own makeup, make sure you prime your skin thoroughly before you apply foundation. Also, use a good layer of face cream, eye cream and a primer before you go all in. While we encourage more and more of you to find your signature style, we thought it’s best to check what really works with Delhi-based makeup artist MUA, Chandni Singh. 

Day And Evening Looks


Dewy skin is the toast of the skin and looks great both at day time and night time. “Add more bronzer for definition as well as a highlighter to make a statement at a night wedding, says Singh.


“For a day wedding, you can opt for soft shades of brown on the eyes with a muted gold,” she says. Keep your lips nude or swipe a layer of pastels. “For a night wedding, feel free to opt for deeper hues or smokey eyes. Add false lashes since it instantly adds drama to your eyes,” says Singh. Lastly, don’t forget your brows. Well-defined brows look great no matter what time or occasion.


If you’re not a pro at blending, keep your eyes light and just throw all the attention on your lips with a red lipstick that suits your skin’s undertones. 

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Diet & Supplements

Attending a lot of weddings also means a lot of blow-drying, styling and constant exposure to heat. Try to give it some nourishment inside out by opting for zinc and biotin supplements. Add fish, avocados, nuts and seeds to your daily diet: high fats along with proteins help strengthen your hair from the roots. 

Styling Your Hair This Wedding Season

Make sure you apply a heat protectant serum before you style your hair at home. While I love a low bun, Chandni Singh suggests beach waves to add volume. If you’re wearing a saree, opt for a sleek bun with a centre or side parting.

Post Wedding Care

Both experts, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta and MUA Chandni Singh suggested opting for Olaplex hair treatments over a regular hair spa. Ideal for coloured or treated hair, it makes a considerable change in texture and fibre too. 

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