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Here’s how caffeine can be the perk-me-up your skin never knew it needed

Caffeine is a substance that powers the global population. Whatever your medium of choice is, be it coffee or tea, caffeine largely enables people to behave like people, and not devolve into the lethargic, restless zombies. Consuming caffeine has known benefits, though lately, the beauty-conscious segment of the world has moved on to embrace the stimulant for its aesthetic perks, making caffeine the new staple in many a lengthy skincare regimen.

Caffeine’s place in skincare is not without skepticism. Many decry caffeinated creams and serums as placebo, believing that topical application cannot possibly deliver the same results as consumption. We’re here to debunk that myth and show you why caffeine in your grooming ritual is as necessary as your morning cup of coffee.

caffeine skincare singapore
Instead of caffeine in your system, put it on your skin. (Photo credit: iStock)
What does caffeine in your skincare do, exactly?

Caffeine does to your skin what it does for your body and mind. Essentially, it energises your complexion. The mechanics behind it is simple — caffeine constricts your blood vessels, so it reduces puffiness and dullness. This ability also can minimise skin redness for those that suffer from sensitive skin.

Beyond its fast-acting surface benefits, caffeine is a rich source of antioxidants, which we all love. Its antioxidant properties help fight inflammation and staves away breakouts in the long run.

caffeine skincare singapore
Australian brand Frank Body was one of the few pioneers of coffee bodycare, way before it became mainstream. (Photo: Frank Body)
Caffeine also has body care benefits

Body care products with caffeine have also been on the rise, proving that the stimulant can rejuvenate just more than one’s visage. Caffeine’s anti-inflammatory magic has led it to be incorporated in a plethora of body care products, ranging from scrubs to moisturisers. Not only does the compound bolster skin health, but it also helps manage chronic skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

Why should you apply caffeine on your skin?
The Forest Essentials Under Eye Serum is enriched with Coffee Bean, Red Banana flower extracts and Potato starch (Priced at Rs. 2,375)

There are a number of common issues caffeine can easily solve. If you are one of those people who can never be rid of fatigued looking under eyes, puffy eye bags or tired-looking skin in general, then a good caffeine-charged eye cream or serum is just the product you need to reinvigorate the area, particularly during rough mornings.

As for the body, a caffeinated moisturiser can be the holy grail product you need to mitigate persistent skin issues in the long run. As a massive plus, caffeinated skincare tends to smell like a comforting shot of espresso, and who hasn’t envisioned regaining some semblance of life by dunking yourself into a coffee bath? Now, you can.

Here is a look at the best caffeine products you can add to your daily routine:

Where to buy

The Body Shop Spa of the World Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream, Rs 3,095

Just Herbs Coorgi Coffee Handmade Bathing Bar, Rs 375

Neemli Organic Coffee Body Scrub, Rs 875

Here’s how caffeine can be the perk-me-up your skin never knew it needed

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