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#IWokeUpLikeThis: Wake up to fresh, flawless skin with these miracle sleeping masks

Scrolling obsessively through Instagram on a lazy weekday morning, one gets consumed with envy at the sight of model-esque women posting images of them still in bed using the hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis. With faces that looked like they were kissed by the Greek Goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, we wonder whether we missed the memo. Unreal beauty standards or not, let’s be honest, we’ve all imagined waking up to brighter, more hydrated skin that has a halo of its own. And now thanks to Sleeping Masks this isn’t a farfetched dream. With research showing that the skin repairs itself as you snooze at night, these masks tackle any skin concern you may have so you wake up looking flawless.

Concern: Uneven Skin Tone
Solution: Innisfree Whitening Pore Sleeping Pack

 Innisfree Whitening Pore Sleeping Pack

Layer this baby onto your skin before you escape into the realms of dreamland and wake up to brighter skin. It improves skin tone, reduces dark spots, and increases transparency and brightness of the skin’s texture. Containing extracts sourced from the peels of Jeju’s fresh Tangerines with six types of citrus flavonoids, this sleeping face pack ensures you wake up with a permanent beauty filter on your face.

Concern: Acne Prone Skin
Solution: The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask

The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask

Sick of waking up to those blemishes but scared that a heavy night mask will clog your pores?! Relax! The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask is specifically formulated to care for oily skin and imperfections. This fresh and super breathable formula is infused with Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil and is 100% vegan! Watch it reduce the size and number of imperfections and help you achieve clearer, smoother, and healthier-looking skin. It also controls oiliness, reduces the appearance of pores and will not stain your pillows!

Concern: Dry Skin
Solution: The Face Shop Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Sleeping Pack

The Face Shop Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Sleeping Pack

When your personality spells fabulousness, why should you wake up to dry, dull skin? Let every morning begin with skin that has been hydrated with the secrets from the far East. The Face Shop’s Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Sleeping Pack has been formulated using traditional herbal moisturizers that restore dehydrated skin with its fresh flower water formula. Let this magical potion penetrate those layers of skin to restore its bounce and make sure you wake up with that gorgeous morning glow.

Concern: Oily Skin
Solution: ENN After 9 Overnight Sleeping Mask

ENN After 9 Overnight Sleeping Mask

Moisturizing oily skin has always been a toughie. The balance between the need to hydrate and the fear of transforming into a grease ball is hard to maintain. Not with ENN’s After 9 Overnight Sleeping Mask. This oil-free facial gel mask is enhanced with mineral infused Aloe Vera gel and Pomegranate extracts that get instantly absorbed into the skin. It glides on easily and begins transforming that dull skin into a glossy, dewy, Insta-worth piece of art. Complete with Rose Oil, it offers a multifaceted assortment of vitamins and antioxidants and treats inflammation and redness.

Concern: Normal to Combination Skin
Solution: LANEIGE Sleeping Mask Combo


For mornings when you need to look well-rested, simply apply the Water Sleeping Mask by LANEIGE the night before. Its unique Sleep-tox purifying effect and Aromatic Sleep scent cradle you into relaxed slumber. Pair this up with the Lip Sleeping Mask by LANEIGE that gently melts away dead skin cells from the lips, making them feel oh-so smooth. Complete with Vitamin C rich Berry extracts and antioxidants it acts on dry, rough lips, making them smooth and supple. Backed by patented moisture technology, this one’s a no-brainer.

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