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There are few labels in the market that harness scientific knowledge for beauty the way Skeyndor, Spain’s most well-known skincare brand, does. Known for its technology and research-based skincare that celebrities like Penelope Cruz, Kelly Osbourne, Monica Bellucci, and Kate Moss vouch for, Skeyndor has now officially launched  in India with popular French salon chain, Jean-Claude Biguine (JCB). 

Headquartered in Barcelona, the brand’s philosophy is grounded in innovation through active ingredients — that means result-oriented skincare in a sea of cookie-cutter products. And over the years, the label has amassed a huge following for their facials that show results after just two sittings.  


JCB offers these customised facials where an expert takes your skin through a series of tests and then recommends the bespoke facial. “Skeyndor facials are backed by scientific expertise and advanced patented ingredients that give instant, efficacious, and visible results for Indian skin types. Facials at JCB Salons will now be the perfect mix of nurture + results,” explains Samir Srivastav, CEO, Jean-Claude Biguine Salons. On offer is also their take-home range, customisable to one’s skin. With our humid weather conditions and the heat, their pigmentation and anti-ageing ranges are a blessing for those looking at long-term solutions. 

Skeyndor The label comes with a few ranges especially suited to Indian skin: There’s the Aquatherm Line for sensitive skin, Power C+ Line for skin brightening, Power Hyaluronic Line for dry- dehydrated skin, Power Oxygen Line as an Anti-pollution range, Power Retinol Line for repair and rejuvenation, Natural Defence Line, Corrective Line for anti-ageing, and an exclusive Men’s Line. 

Here are the best skincare products one can pick up from Skeyndor:

Micellar Thermal Water, Rs 1,700 


Micellar water from Skeyndor contains structured tensioactive cleaning agents that are known to gently remove impurities, makeup, and grime while making sure the skin is moisturised and hydrated. This one’s great for sensitive skin because it contains ingredients like FNH and Macadamia oil, which nourish and protect. 

The Power Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturising Booster, Rs 3,070 

Hyaluronic acid is skincare’s best friend these days and the Skeyndor formula contains 1% hyaluronic acid that provides the right amount of moisture needed for each layer of the skin. It also helps with ageing and wrinkling caused by dehydration. 

Power C+ Energizing Cream with SPF15, Rs 3,220

Vitamin C is turning out to be one of our most popular choices in skincare and it’s going to be bigger in 2020. The glow is real when it contains the most powerful antioxidants that will help with the skin’s metabolism and the formation of collagen. The day cream has a high amount of vitamin C in it alongside pomegranate extract, a combination that gives you radiant skin and an even tone. 

Antiox Glowing Serum, Rs 3,350

This is a unique serum that combines the antioxidant action with vitamin C alongside extracts of pomegranate and acai. It’s perfect for those looking for anti-ageing serums that offer an exquisite glow — they call it the ‘light effect’ on the face. It also helps in the  production of collagen and keeps your skin plump. 

Sun Expertise SPF 50 with Blue Light Technology, Rs 2,800

A frontrunner in technology, this sunscreen comes with SPF 50 and is perfect for sensitive skin. The unique Blue Light Technology of Skeyndor is known to readily block HEV light rays and protect the skin without any damage. This is ideal for skin that is pigmented and sensitive. 

You can pick up these products from any Jean-Claude Biguine salon.

Latha Sunadh
Deputy Editor
When she's not trying on a new serum, researching on yet another classic fragrance and sharing lip balms with her 5-year old daughter, Latha Sunadh keeps it reined in with a nice song and a good book. Special skills include obsessing over handmade, home-made and handcrafted luxuries.