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LSA Discovery: Why are Indian beauty experts obsessing over skincare label E’clat?

It’s a brand that’s creating a buzz on Indian social media over the last few months. From well-known dermatologists like Rashmi Shetty, who has spoken of its Vitamin C serums, to skincare YouTubers and beauty influencers who have recommended its Fadeout Serum (for acne scars) and Retinol, E’clat is making waves is the right circles.

Formulated at Baxium HealthScience, a pharmaceutical company, E’clat‘s clinical formulations are all about innovation and research, and tackle everything from pores, premature skin ageing, and skin damage, to hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage. Based in Ahmedabad, they are one of the few dermatologist-led Indian brands, offering serums, face washes, masks, peels, and toners (their Retinol formula is quite popular). FDA-approved and licensed, E’clat is primarily available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetologists — essentially skincare specialists.

We caught up with Sandeep Gupta, CEO, E’clat at Baxium HealthScience, to know how they are bringing about innovation through skincare in the country and what’s contributing to the brand’s popularity on Instagram.

E’clat: Origins and USP 

“Before 2015, facial serums were not an integral part of Indian skincare regimen, unlike the west where they occupied a place of pride. Under Baxium HealthScience, the E’clat Superior C serum was the first Indian brand to hit the market shelves. Within five years, it has become an essential part of women’s skincare across the country and is one of the most prescribed brands by cosmetologists in the country.”

The year 2019 was another watershed year for E’clat — we launched the best serums in India, which addressed skin concerns like hyper pigmentation, dehydration, and wrinkles. The USP of the E’clat Superior Serum is our understanding of Indian skin needs, which has also made our product the most loved and fastest-growing facial serum brand here. E’clat products stand out as they are formulated with safe and clinically proven ingredients.”

The bestsellers and the ingredients that make E’clat popular 

The E’clat​ Superior Fadeout Serumis currently the fastest-moving de-pigmenting serum and a bestseller in terms of  effectiveness. Based on our customer reviews, it is most effective on spots and pigmentation, which are currently two of the biggest worries of Indian skincare regimen. We have developed E’clat Superior Fadeout serum with well-researched molecules like ‘4 n Butyl Resorcinol’ and ‘Tranexamic Acid’, which makes it the most loved product of our brand among the beauty experts as well as standalone consumers. Also popular, the Vitamin C E’clat Vitamin C 20% serum with Ferulic Acid and the new Niacinamide Serum.

The skincare market in India and its needs

Our pricing starts at Rs 450 and goes all the way to Rs 3,500 according to skin needs, and our ingredients and formulations are homegrown. There is no doubt that effective skincare products have always been a bit pricey and expensive in India. With growing self-awareness, growth of social media engagement, and shrinking global village, more and more people are keen to try out products from across the world. And now, with the spotlight firmly on skincare products with great ingredients, companies are focusing on making affordable skincare bringing in the same, desired results, keeping Indian women in mind. Younger consumers, especially in the age group 18-25, want quality and superior skincare at a good price and that’s where E’clat comes in.

What to expect from E’clat in the future 

Future plans include developing the best formulations with peptides and antioxidants, to make our products even more effective and competent. Right now, we do provide free online skin analysis and consultation and our research wing is also working towards developing new-age beauty tools like Crystal Rollers and Gua Sha. In addition, we are also planning to launch our offline stores in the near future, which would showcase and look at exclusive skincare ranges for men and kids as well. 

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