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Two things changed the way we shop for personal care: Love for homegrown labels (#VocalForLocal) and the need to invest in mindful brands. Sustainability, packaging, the greenness of it all plays a huge role these days in personal care. And The Switch Fix is a label we chanced upon on Instagram that fits the bill beautifully – a clean and non-toxic label that calls itself a ‘self-care meets planet-care’ label.

The Switch Fix

And their shampoo bars alongside their personal care products are attracting millennials who are looking for that green fix. Their ingredients are stunning too – açai berry, blue tea, hemp seed and mooring, and not to mention innovative products like green toothbrushes made of bamboo and activated charcoal, deep conditioners and hair oils.

Everything is made in small batches with high-quality ingredients, and the conclusive eco-friendly packaging makes The Switch Fix a beauty buy you will never regret. We talked to the founders of The Switch Fix, Abhishek Kumar and Rhea Shukla, to give us an insight into the label and what makes it tick. “The irony is that while India is home to the most polluted cities in the world, it also has disconcerting levels of accessibility to cleaner and more sustainable products. We need products that shield us from the adverse effects of this rising pollution that further contribute to creating a healthier planet for us.” And so, The Switch Fix was born and here’s what you need to know about the label.

The Switch Fix

Tell us a bit about The Switch Fix? How did it come about?

TSF is a clean and conscious personal care brand for young urban Indians. Urban cities experience the consequence of toxins in everyday products through increased exposure to toxicity and environmental degradation. To eliminate toxicity, TSF came up with cleaner and more sustainable products.

What makes The Switch Fix different from other beauty labels?

What makes TSF different is that we don’t ask our tribe to choose between what works for them, what’s safe for them, and what’s sustainable for our planet. Our product range is where self-care meets planet-care without any compromise. Our plant-based formulations tame wild botanicals with science to promise effective, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free care. We depend on nature responsibly by making sure our formulations are water-free. We pack and ship our products in plastic-free containers made of FSC approved 100% recycled paper.

The Switch Fix

Tell us a bit about the bestsellers from the label and local ingredients in your skincare?

Shampoo bars are a new concept, so we were a little sceptical of how quickly people would adopt this product. But we’re so thrilled with the response we’ve received so far, and they are our most popular product. While shampoo bars, as a concept itself, is a sustainable product, locally-sourced ingredients can further drive down the carbon footprint. From hemp seed oil sourced from the foothills of Himachal to activated coconut charcoal sourced from our coast, locally-sourced ingredients are at the heart of our product philosophy.

The Switch Fix

Where do you stand in terms of sustainability?

TSF believes in creating balance. The Industrial Revolution helped our species propel forward, but it also fuelled climate change. Living a sustainable life is not just about saving the planet; it’s also about making sure our species’ knowledge, exploration, curiosity is well-preserved too. In a way, climate action is an act of self-love for TSF.

The land of Ayurveda is well-versed with wellness. But, as climate change introduces never seen before challenges like exposure to pollution, we may have to upgrade our approach to wellness. It should be nurturing as well as protective and restorative. 41% of Indian consumers already have a preference for cleaner products, and that preference is only growing with rising environmental stressors.

What does it take to be a successful beauty label?

It’s a combination of how well does the product perform and how beautifully it aligns with the values of the buyers. The sheer access to information drives consumers to only trust brands that are authentic and human. That’s why we disclose our full ingredient list and processes to make sure consumers can make an informed decision.

The Switch Fix’s product range starts at Rs 429.

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