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LSADiscovery: Perenne, a new clean beauty label focusing on pure botanical actives

While globally the movement has taken on a strong voice, clean beauty is still at a nascent stage when it comes to homegrown brands. To add to that, clean beauty that isn’t Ayurvedic is a rare find. Which is why new-age skincare label Perenne stands out. Boasting non-toxic ingredients, plant extracts, and only the purest botanical actives, Perenne is born out of the vision to make clean beauty accessible. 

Perenne products are formulated without Sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, and have quickly amassed a fan following with big names like author Vasudha Rai and celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni giving it a thumbs up. Another reason why the label scores with beauty aficionados is that there are no animal derivatives or artificial colours used. With a bunch of skincare heroes (we love the Glow Boosting Serum and the Nourishing Cleansing Oil in particular) that tackle ageing, blemishes, acne, dark spots, irritation, dead skin cells, and sunburn, it’s garnering a foothold in the clean beauty space.

We spoke to its founder, Ritu Khanna, about how she has managed to bridge the gap between nature, clean beauty, and science.


How did the idea of Perenne come about?

Perenne is a Spanish word meaning evergreen, and the brand signifies ageless beauty. It all started with me looking for some routine skincare products. I tried and tested many brands but found that none of the domestic labels delivered the efficacious results they promised. On the other hand, when I used international labels, the results were quite fantastic. The question on my mind was if we could produce international quality products here in India. I researched a bit and found out about the modern scientific natural actives that actually work on the skin.

Also the concept of clean beauty started in European countries due to health and wellness issues. Nowadays, customers are quite aware of ingredients on the label and are carefully investing in clean, green skincare products. That’s when we knew that it is the right time to launch a range like this in India.

What makes Perenne different from other beauty labels?

Perenne is the first brand in India that is officially known to be clean and green. We believe in transparency and sustainability. Clean means free of carcinogenic ingredients like parabens, sulphates, artificial colours, and even silicon. Green means that our products are natural. We have not only used botanical extracts but also the base and preservatives are natural. We also mention the percentage on the bottle, the one that signifies how natural a product is.


Creating a brand like Perenne from scratch – how challenging was it?

It was really challenging to create something like this in India. Usually all skincare products available in the market do not have a natural base. Many times formulations broke down and then we had to constantly rework. It took me about five years to develop such range with natural base and natural preservatives. But the bigger challenge is to make people switch to natural products – that’s a long road but we are up for the challenge.

Your bestsellers and your opinion on using unusual ingredients in skincare?

Our bestseller is the daily regime CTSMP KIT. It includes a silicon-free cleanser, toner, sunscreen, moisturiser, and glow booster serum for skin restoration. Silicons act like cling film and do not let your skin breathe, eventually making it dull and dry. We have used award-winning French actives in our product range, which are clinically tested on Asian skin for efficacy. It is important to use these actives, which are plant-derived, with the help of modern science. These are bio compatible, so they work well for skin restoration and revival.

A science-backed beauty label – how do you stay afloat in a country where Ayurvedic brands rule?

In our country, so-called herbal and Ayurvedic brands do not even mention the complete ingredient list and just mention key ingredients and people believe them. But when skin needs are not met, as there’s no efficacy, and people aren’t left with any choices. That where we come in: We use pure ingredients alongside modern science-based ingredients like Arbutin [addressing hyperpigmentation] and Gatuline Spot-light [to brighten the skin], which deliver desired results.


Your opinion on the Indian beauty scene and what have you learnt from it all these years?

Indian beauty market is booming and I feel there is enough space for clean beauty products. The current generation is smart enough to understand this and they believe in investing in safe and efficacious skincare products. We feel we are getting a huge support from youth of India in running this natural beauty movement.

Who is the Perenne customer and what is he/she looking for in beauty?

Perenne client is a new era woman, who is educated, knows her ingredients and isn’t afraid to spend more on skincare with a transparent objective. When it comes it skincare, she looks for effective results and doesn’t want to regret spending on good skincare.


Which ingredients do you see going very far in beauty?

Natural actives like Arbutin, Gatuline Spot-light and many modern actives from France and Japan, as they have strong research and development base and are result oriented.

New launches in the making?

We are coming up with an Oil Control range for oily or acne-prone skin with natural acne buster from Japan.

LSADiscovery: Perenne, a new clean beauty label focusing on pure botanical actives

Latha Sunadh

Deputy Editor

When she's not trying on a new serum, researching on yet another classic fragrance and sharing lip balms with her 5-year old daughter, Latha Sunadh keeps it reined in with a nice song and a good book. Special skills include obsessing over handmade, home-made and handcrafted luxuries.


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