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Luxe & Cult: 5 popular fragrances for Indian brides that will evoke the best memories

Luxurious, cult and popular, these 5 popular fragrances for Indian brides will evoke the best memories of the best day of their life

What looks good on a dressing table of a bride? A great skincare routine with all the essentials, makeup that makes your life easier and fancier and of course, a good fragrance that sets the mood. Its’ surprising how many brides overlook basic rules during the most hectic, most wonderful time of their life. A bride needs the power of a good scent to keep her big day in her memory – after all, they do say that fragrances do possess the power to create and evoke strong, important memories. Let’s not forget that memories come from your favourite perfumes already – your first kiss, your first scent, the day you went out partying with your BFFs or that candlelight dinner. Whatever it is, there is. scent associated with it.

So how does one choose a fragrance? We’ll say pick from these top five cult fragrances that have stood the test of time by just being unique and individualistic in their own way and also, they are the most popular scents around. Choose from fresh florals to classic, refined fragrances, from fruity ideals to woody notes.

Chanel Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum

If you thought Chanel No.5 took all the accolades for being the precious one from the house, you’re in for a surprise. Because Mademoiselle is just as cult and even more alluring as a choice for new brides. The top notes are a delicious mix of orange, bergamot and mandarin alongside the sharpness of Tunisian curaçao.Yes, you get hints of rose, Italian jasmine, ylang-ylang and mimosa alongside patchouli and tonka bean. The orange just wakes you up and the floral scents add on to it’s charm and it will be a scent that you will never forget. This one’s very spirited and young – the orange scent will always remind of the freshness of love.

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Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Cologne

The most popular and the very first fragrance from the house, the scent is perfect for those winter weddings. Fresh pears and a bouquet of white freesias – is there a better match than that. As you linger on, the fragrance displays hints of amber, patchouli and wood. The nose behind this scent is the reputed Christine Nagel who is now with Hermes – and she’s left a legacy there. The English Pear and Freesia makes you think of the English landscape, the wind, the freedom, the beauty of autumn. It’s said that the inspiration for this scent is from a few verses of John Keats (Ode to Autumn) – so romantic.

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Gucci Bloom Intense Nettare Di Fiori

We’ll admit, it’s about the packaging that first draws you in. Very unlike the usual glass bottles with ornate settings, Gucci Bloom is all about millennial style. Perfect for millennial brides too. The relatively new one from the house, launched in 2018 is developed in close collaboration with Alberto Morillas and they say that this perfume signifies authentic character of a woman – so much felinity in one bottle. It’s woody and warm, complied with Ginger and Rose to give you that bunch and that delicacy. Brownie points for a bottle that looks great on the dressing table – that vintage powder pink beauty comes with a black Herbarium print Gucci label appliqué that is just dreamy.

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Guerlain Idylle Eau De Parfum

Everyone loves Shalimar but we ask you to take a moment to renegotiate with us over Idylle, the sublime scent from the House of Guerlain. A complete floral fragrance by Thierry Wasser, a nose who is known for some gems. The scent is so underrated and extremely invigorating and the top notes come with romantic notes like rose, Freesia, Litchi and Raspberry coupled with Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine, Lilac, Peony and Lily with a hint of patchouli. It is sensual and sweet, and stays on the skin long after the day is done.

Hermès L’Ombre Des Merveilles Eau De Parfum

This is by far one of our favourites and truly resonates with the spirit of freedom and fantasy – a heady cocktail if woody and oriental notes that will take over your senses. The bottle is. delight with a pebble-like look, a magnifying glass that looks stunning on your bedside. Created again by Nagel, it speaks to the soul with hints of tonka bean and incense coupled with deep notes of black tea. We love how the fragrance lingers on – giving you a memory of a lifetime on the best day of your life.

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