Exotic ingredients, impressive skincare innovations, lengthy regimes and pampering sessions – the line between skincare and self-care is blurred now. Perhaps that’s the reason for the influx of extraordinary beauty gadgets, aka skincare tools, that promise women a little more to take the edge off, while addressing their beauty needs. Eye massagers, face toners, sculpting bars, jade rollers have all amassed a cult following among the internet-savvy. Here are five that caught our attention. To add to your routine and take your self-care game to the next level.


This hair removal tool was first introduced to us by beauty vlogger, Arshia Moorjani, and we love it for its amazing capabilities – it removes ingrown hair easily and painlessly. The Finishing Touch Flawless comes with an 18-karat gold plated head with tiny slots that rotate to slough off hair. Akin to a fat marker, the LED light on it makes it easy to use. Try it on your upper lip and eyebrow area – a super quick solution when you have that big party or meeting coming up and have no time to hit the salon.

Price: Rs 1,799 (approx)

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With Cult Beauty and Neiman Marcus offering beauty enthusiasts bigger discounts and reduced shipping charges, we all now have access to the travel version of this beauty. The NuFace facial toning device is officially the gold standard in facial tightening. The micro-current technology of this instant facial contouring tool helps tone and tighten your face muscles and in the process also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Just apply the serum or cream you want to use – a facial oil will work wonders too – and use it for 4-5 minutes at night. Prepare to be surprised with its professional results.

Price: Rs 13,000 (approx)

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The Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager is perfect for those looking for some good shut eye with the added benefits of self-care and beauty.  This one-of-a-kind device uses alternating T-Sonic™ technology so you can get refreshed, younger-looking eyes. A boon for frequent travellers and those working late hours, this massager also helps reduce under-eye puffiness, eye bags, dark circles, crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles. The fact that it helps absorb your eye creams and serums better is an added benefit. Made from phthalate-free, body-safe silicone, you can use it for 30 seconds on each eye.

Price: Rs 8,910

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Everyone is talking about micro needling today because it works for Indian skin that is prone to pigmentation. And that’s the main reason why this micro needling tool will do wonders for you. It gently pricks your skin to rejuvenate and activate collagen production, while helping reduce fine lines, uneven skin tone, and absorption of skincare products. Used as a good exfoliator, a one-minute session results in skin that’s smooth and bright. Best used 2-3 times a week. Full disclosure: It’s a tad painful.

Rs 13,000 (approx) for just the tool

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Gold sculpting bars are the latest trend in facial massages and the Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar leads the pack with its  T-shaped, gold-coated exterior. The 24-karat gold-plated device stimulates circulation after you have used serums, oils, and moisturisers. One that imitates a professional massage, this device helps relax facial muscles, offers a smooth sculpting experience, and makes the skin look smoother and tighter. All you need to do is to switch this on and run it along the areas you want to target and work in upward motions. Nykaa has an Indian option from the House of Beauty.

Price: Rs 13,600 (approx)

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Latha Sunadh
Deputy Editor
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