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Niloni Shah’s homegrown beauty label from Goa is all science-backed skincare

It’s time to enter into the Goan vibe, but with a pink lens this time, and discover a whole new side to the party-state with The Pink Foundry as our travel guide.

When one visions miles of golden sands, picturesque palm trees, and a lit nightlife, it rightly spells out a vacation in Goa, right?. Known for the breezy beaches and the ‘up all night’ gatherings, Goa sure is full of surprises. Speaking of surprises, we had the chance to witness a scientific side of the state, courtesy of The Pink Foundry. Beyond the high tides of Goa, Niloni Shah the woman behind The Pink Foundry introduced us to the state-of-the-art US FDA-approved plant, Encube Ethicals. Urging us to be in the pink of our health, from an authentic dine-in experience to an insightful factory visit, the brand gave us the opportunity to have an interesting tete-a-tete with the glam team. 

Furthermore, since beauty and skincare were the highlighting forces of the visit, a few said influencers were spotted straight out of the gram. Hoarding different skincare products is one thing and witnessing them being mixed like magic potions was a whole another vibe, and that is what caught our attention. Apart from the elaborate factory experience Niloni Shah time and again, reminded us that ‘our skin is stronger than we think’ and to embrace our inner strengths no matter what. So, it felt great to paint these pleasing palm trees pink for a day and add these pretty pink additions to our skincare shelves. All in all, discovering this undiscovered side of Goa felt like opening a door and entering into a whole new world, a world that is backed by science and led by skincare. 

Furthermore, intrigued by the factory experience, we decided to catch up with Niloni Shah, the woman behind the pink tribe, and gain some insight about the visit as well as the vision of the brand. 

In conversation with Niloni Shah, the woman behind the pink tribe

The pink foundry
The Pink Foundry

Since beauty is a bustling industry, what are the values that make The Pink Foundry stand out? 

Quality is excellence! It’s very important to know how your products get manufactured. So through TPF, what we’re introducing to the world is pharma’s great quality skincare. As we know, there are stringent checks done for a drug product, so we’re applying the same level of checks to cosmetic products as well. Because for us, cosmetics is something you want to use every single day, right? So it’s as sacrosanct as a drug product. At The Pink Foundry, we’re dedicated to giving you 100% safe and effective products, which are tested multiple times without any human intervention. So that the first one to touch the product is you, as a consumer. So, quality is excellence, even if it means a longer product cycle, it’s fine as we will not compromise on quality at all.

The Pink Foundry

Tell us what made you feel the need to opt for such an elaborate step-wise scientific procedure here at Encube for your products?

So when I studied this market, I realised that there are such good brands out there, but when I went a little bit deeper, it turned out all of them were marketing companies having no technology of their own, no manufacturing, and no R&D of their own. I realised that there are no really strong effective cosmetic plants out there and pharma quality skincare is something that is very rare right now. And our parent organisation, Encube Ethicals, has only focused on one organ, which is the skin for the past 24 years. So there’s a huge mine of knowledge here, which I thought is quite untapped in the skincare area. And it would be wonderful to create products that are not only backed by science and efficacy and quality but also leave behind a taste of delight.

Skincare tips and tricks are all over social media these days, so what are the three skincare tips that you would want to give to the younger generation?

The first would be don’t fall trap of using too many actives on your skin. Keep it simple! Listen to the climate around you, listen to the seasonal changes around you, and decide what’s needed. So minimal skincare for sure.

Second, exfoliate regularly, but do not overdo exfoliation. Overindulging in exfoliation, thinking that by doing it regularly, you’re going to have glowing skin, no! You’re just going to damage your skin barrier. So once a week, exfoliation is good enough. 

And the third tip, use sunscreen every single day. You can switch between the kind of sunscreen you’re using. For example, if you’re just someone who is working from home or you’re going to the office or College then SPF 30 is perfect for everyday use. But If you’re going under the sun, like say on a holiday, or you’re in a region where you’re going to be exposed to a lot of heat then you can use SPF 50. 


If you were to suggest one ‘must-carry travel product’ from The Pink Foundry what would it be and why? 

So for me, sunscreen would be that travel service product. Because it’s a moisturising sunscreen. And many times women don’t have time to apply makeup, they don’t have time to apply a heavy foundation or apply a CC cream. So, our sunscreen has a universal tinge to it, and it also doubles up as a primer as well, if required. It leaves well under makeup, but even if you’re not applying anything and you’re just finishing up your routine with this sunscreen, it will just give you a finished look right before you step out. And it’s hydrating, so on its own for monsoon and summer, it’s a great moisturiser plus sunscreen plus primer.

The Pink Foundry

 Lastly, if you were to point out, tell us which is your star product? The one that received the most amount of love.

We received a really good response to our overnight Acne Spot Corrector. There are so many women out there with face acne on a regular basis, including me. And this product is fast-acting, but it sure differs from person to person, for some it will work at night, for some, it will work in probably a couple of nights. So even if, say, for example, you have an event to go for and you’ve got acne, even if it visibly reduces the spot so it’s good enough for you to put something on and just step out. So it gives you a certain kind of confidence that, it’s normal, it happens. So for me, this is our star product because I’m also normalising acne in such a way that when acne comes don’t fret because stress worsens it. Even if it’s there,  just apply this and wait for it to go down. Meanwhile, just go about your day, go about your routine, and apply the lovely makeup that you have just go out there and do your thing, let this product do its job. 

All images courtesy: The Pink Foundry

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