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Regular skin upkeep isn’t just about following a simple CTM Routine or using the finest of skincare ingredients. It’s about regular check-ups, an occasional sheet mask, gentle chemical exfoliation and maybe, a good facial. When it comes to facials though, everyone’s in the deep end of the ocean. Do you choose one for sensitive skin or one that’s good for dry skin? Are you struggling with hyperpigmentation or anti-aging seems to be the number one issue you want to tackle? Too many choices and too many issues – so to make it easier on you, Mumbai’s most popular skincare space, The Ageless Clinic headed by Dr. Harshna Bijlani came up with the newest WishPro Plus+ facial. The customisable medical facial is a lunch time process – and the 60 minutes you spend in there will keep your face problem-free for a month or more.


My skin type

And I had the opportunity to try this beauty on my own time and yes, I came back quite thrilled with the results. But first, let’s talk about my skin – the texture and the condition of it. 

My skin type: Dry, prone to acne

Texture: Grainy, uneven and even rough at times

Additional issues: Hyperpigmentation and sensitivity issues

Extra factors: Anti-aging and mature skin (Age 37)

Want: Healthy glow, supple skin, even skin tone

The brief

My skincare bucket-list reads like a PhD of sorts – I want glow even when am battling hyperpigmentation in a real way. In that sense, we are all greedy, we want more out of our facials and I was hoping that the WishPro Plus+ facial will set me on a new path in beauty upkeep. You should also, at this point, see where I come from – am a mom with zero time for care and languid assertions of beauty. If you offer me a service that saves time, gives me more value and a one stop shop for all my issues, I’ll hold onto it like lash glue. I can safely say that every woman I know wants efficacy and results but in less time, with no additional frills.


What is Wish Pro+

It’s a well-known facial that is known to use a computerized handset with a series of technological massaging/infusion heads and each of these heads work on a specific skin result – whether it’s rejuvenation, anti-aging or peeling. A capsule works beautifully on the skin because they come with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, BTX (a Botox alternative) and more – all of them are placed into the head that uses light, magnetic pulse or micro-current to optimize the facial.

WishPro Plus+: How does it work?

Step 1: 

The kind masseuse and expert went through the issues in my skin and took a moment to note them down. She started off by removing my already existing makeup and skincare. 

Step 2:

Deep exfoliation started with the magnetic pulse technology and a special exfoliating serum containing cellulose, sweet almond oil and vitamin A & E. It was luxurious and soothing and once it was done, my face and skin felt weightless.  

Step 3:

Mini AgeLess Signature Facial starts off with the usual. Small, quicker steps that help clean-up grime and debris in the skin and extracting the dirt in quick succession. This was followed by a relaxing massage to prep the skin – the strokes were soft and helped plump up the skin. 

Step 4:

The massage helps relax the face and the skin and then, it’s time for  a Korean Skincare Rubber Mask hand-picked for your skin type and concern. Mine was clearly for pigmentation and that much needed glow on my face. 

Step 5:

This is when the technology comes into play, the machine uses a unique capsule based on your skin type and concern and the handheld device looks like a larger Clarisonic. I use one at home, the Clarisonic and it comes with it’s own baggage but this one, is a larger, much more professional version of that. And I could also choose between advanced micro-current, Red LED Skincare technology & Blue LED Skincare technology and then add a hand-picked serum capsule with patented innovative ingredients from around the world, for the ultimate customized facial. 


The process

Ultimately, the technician explained that the device uses Magnetic Infusion Technology that helps products penetrate into the skin in a better much more result-oriented way and the four interchangeable heads, each come with their own benefits. Red LED is known to reduce inflammation, activate dermal fibroblasts, synthesize collagen and elastin. The blue LED is well-known for releasing oxygen that kills acne-causing bacteria. The interesting one is the microcurrent that activates facial muscles and refreshes the texture and tone of the skin while magnetic pulsing helps reduce puffiness and increases blood circulation, nourishing and improving lymphatic drainage. This and the seven different kinds of capsules treat everything from anti-aging to acne to scarring and more. It’s all about choices and results – for me, the capsule and technology worked to fade the existing tan I had acquired on a holiday, evened out my skin and removed dead skin cells to unveil  brighter, radiant, more lustrous skin. There is a significant reduction in pigmentation and the skin was plump and smooth. 


How do you know your facial is good enough?

The device that works the capsule runs for 15 minutes until the whole capsule is finished – there’s nothing that says store the skincare formula for another time or use more or less – the capsule is for one-time use only. No contamination, no compromises. The most interesting bit about this facial is its efficacy – no Ayurvedic oils, no languid massages and no small talk – just exfoliate- wash and revise the skin, an art that’s appealing to busy women with no time for self care. 

The key is to do it once every three weeks, says the laser technician and the fact that the path to younger, plumper skin is non-invasive and not time-consuming makes it a winner on all counts. And well, the effects are more long-lasting than a good Tinder date, so what more do you need?

WishPRO treatments range in price, from Rs 4980 – Rs 6390 depending on your skin issues and the capsule you opt for. They are currently available at The Ageless Clinic in Mumbai. 


Latha Sunadh
Deputy Editor
When she's not trying on a new serum, researching on yet another classic fragrance and sharing lip balms with her 5-year old daughter, Latha Sunadh keeps it reined in with a nice song and a good book. Special skills include obsessing over handmade, home-made and handcrafted luxuries.