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The future of beauty in 2020 is looking bright. From powered-to-perfection at-home tools to newer, more effective ingredients to sustainable and result-oriented fare to customised skincare. Homegrown Ayurvedic beauty label Forest Essentials has created a new dimension to beauty by launching their new, personalised facial cream. To us, it’s just the beginning. 

Consider queries like “I have hyperpigmentation and dry skin, which cream will fit my skin type?” or “I have an oily T-Zone and acne-prone skin, can I use a cream with Hyaluronic acid?” – every beauty label on social media has been answering and battling queries from skincare enthusiasts all year long. There are, of course, tailor-made solutions like collections that do end up making certain skin types happy and then there are universal moisturisers and skincare creams that are a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

It’s 2020 and looks like India’s most popular brand Forest Essentials has decided to take the road less travelled and created a customised, more personalised answer to the number of skincare questions that they face every day. So say hello to India’s very first customisable moisturiser – one that’s designed to fit into your skin type and address all your skin problems in one go. We’re already aware of the label using its Ayurvedic doctors and experts to consult with a client’s skin at the store. Every product on the shelf is also, in a way, filled with ingredients that address many skin issues. Last year, we attended an ‘Ubtan class’ where we made personalised ubtans that fit with our skin needs and other delicate issues. Trust Forest Essentials to keep reinventing the wheel and recreating newer ideas that fit millennial needs and wants.

“Personalisation is woven into our philosophy. With this intrinsic goal in mind, we are re-initiating a service that is very special to us. And on which we have spent years researching, testing, and developing a technique to find a tailor-made solution for your skin concerns,” explains Neha Rawla, head of brand communications at Forest Essentials.

It’s also interesting to note that homegrown labels like these are fast catching up with the west, recreating their versions of popular skincare ideals. 

Here’s why you need a customised facial cream in your beauty kitty today. 

What is the concept of a customisable cream?

The approach is simple – beauty enthusiasts and those looking for personal skincare consultations can now lookout for the expertise of Forest Essentials’ Ayurveda Doctors to find the perfect ingredients and right formulation to craft their personalized Ayurvedic Facial Cream. This means an evaluation of your skin’s needs and concerns, the minute problems and issues it faces, the weather that dictates where you live and the ingredients that work well with your skin – everything is taken into consideration. The highly experienced experts will recommend a cream to treat concerns ranging from loss of elasticity, acne-prone skin with extreme dryness, sagging skin, unusual redness, and more.

How does one go about it on the website?

Step 1: Just login here to get the process started. It’s just a click away, and one need not step out at all for this consultation.

Step 2: There is, of course, a consultation fee of Rs 2,000 and the amount will be deducted from the final price of your cream if you choose to go ahead with your order.

Step 3: Once that’s done, take the extensive but informative skincare quiz to know the needs of your skin. This way, the team of expert researchers, formulators, and Ayurvedic doctors will get an idea of the state and the condition of your skin. The questionnaire will help find the perfect ingredients and formulas.

Step 4: An Ayurveda expert will call you and talk you through your skin issues. Through personalised communication, they analyse your history and characteristics to formulate a cream that really speaks to your skin. 

 Step 5: Your answers are processed, and the expert formulators will determine the unique blend of clean, active ingredients needed to address your specific needs, and preferences. This will take a day or two. 

 Step 6: Your special formula will be delivered right to you along with a personalised regimen card, including what is recommended to be used before and after your cream to suit your skin the best.

Which skincare issues does the facial cream that is customised, address?

The tailor-made Ayurvedic facial care cream addresses skin concerns from improving visible signs of ageing to fine lines or wrinkles. There are specific ingredients that work for dull and dry skin, as well as ones with hyperpigmentation and open pores. And then there is special attention given to uneven texture, post-acne scars, dark patches, and more. The answer is the formulation that uses a unique blend of clean, active ingredients to give you the desired results.

Go here to know more and create your personalised facial cream. The formulations are 100% Ayurvedic and cruelty-free. The price of each moisturiser depends on the specific skincare concern it addresses. 

Latha Sunadh
Deputy Editor
When she's not trying on a new serum, researching on yet another classic fragrance and sharing lip balms with her 5-year old daughter, Latha Sunadh keeps it reined in with a nice song and a good book. Special skills include obsessing over handmade, home-made and handcrafted luxuries.