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Review: The facial oil to get that coveted glow, the L’Occitane Divine Oil

The L’Occitane Divine Oil review for those looking for a luxe addition to their skincare regime this season.

Oils were never my favourite skincare products. Call it an aversion to anything greasy or the fact that sticky skincare is not up my alley. Over the years, I have mastered the art of creating the perfect skincare regime – slather on a toner, a beautiful hydrating serum, a moisturiser, and sunscreen that offers nourishment, and that’s about it. A facial oil never fit into this regime. Until, I discovered the L’Occitane Divine Oil, a one-of-a-kind magical elixir that changed the structure of my skin. French skincare is already a big plus, in my opinion, the care and the formulations work beautifully on any skin, and that’s’ where L’Occitane scores.

L'Occitane Divine Oil review

What is L’Occitane Divine Oil?

As you already know, we are big fans of L’Occitane’s skincare world – a brand that is powered by nature and all its ingredient goodness. This particular oil stars their innovative ingredient par excellence, the Immortelle Super extract, a naturally derived alternative to retinol. The range itself commits to the Immortelle flower, and the organic essential oil comes with anti-ageing properties. Divine Youth Oil also contains vitamins A, C, E + Omegas 3, 6, 9 – a power-packed addition, I’ve got to say. And it’s formulated with 100% natural oils – so that’s a huge plus.

L'Occitane Divine Oil review

The first impressions of the Divine Oil

From the word get-go, this multi-purpose face oil helps to defy the visible signs of ageing and intensely nourish your skin. Now, my skin is picky about Retinol, sometimes it reacts badly, but most times it’s fine because I’m used to it. This year, I took a break from it. Only because the serum I wanted wasn’t available in India (thanks to the pandemic), and I wanted something mild and just as interesting to be part of this detox. The Divine Oil was a big surprise for me only because it was lightweight, not at all greasy and not clingy or sticky. It sinks right in, and from the very first use, you see that it fits in with your skin. There’s a slight scent; I like that about the product – nothing is overpowering. And the skin does feel hydrated for a long time. It works as a dry oil, reminds me a bit of the Luxe Dry Oil but not entirely, it’s lighter than that too.

L'Occitane Divine Oil review

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The results

The patchiness on my skin went away by the second week, and there was a glow – a subtle but noticeable glow. And for me, this was the first application in my skincare layering at night topped up with a heavy moisturiser – so that plumpness followed. The oil takes care of wrinkles, fine lines while offering dehydrated skin that vibrancy and glow. It’s perfect dehydrated, dull, and hyperpigmented skin – the initial patchiness and uneven skin tone are taken care of.

L'Occitane Divine Oil review


The oil is as basic as they get, but an alternative to Retinol makes me more worthy than regular oil. So, keep that mind while you pick it up – because the glow is gradual and stable. And if you are looking to venture into clean beauty, this oil might just be the beginning. L’Occitane partnered with expert local farmers to launch the company’s first-ever organic cultivation of immortelle, and that means, luxurious and mindful. And if the glow is real, why not?

Priced at Rs 4,400 and you can pick it up here

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