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Get flawless skin in a single swipe with these face toners

Face toner is an important step in skincare routines, especially if you want dewy, radiant skin. However, many people are still unaware of what toners are or what they do. Here’s everything you need to know about face toners, as well as a few of our favourite picks that have earned a spot on our top shelves.

Everything to know about face toners

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What exactly does a face toner do?

A toner is designed to eliminate any dirt that your cleanser or face wash may have missed, as well as to prepare your skin for the next stage in your regimen.

You’d be excused for dismissing a face toner as a faff in between cleansing and moisturising, yet it’s the key to a clearer, more glowing complexion. Face toners provide a variety of beneficial aspects in skincare. They may remove excess oil, make-up, and balance the skin, and are extremely advantageous for acne-prone skin.

That’s not all; a little spritz of toner or a once-over with a cotton pad may also help refine large pores and prep your face. They help to clean the skin, minimise pores, and prevent blackheads, as well as regulate pH levels and boost hydration.

What are the benefits of using a face toner?

Provides a thorough cleanse

The perks of a double cleanse are now widely recognised. But did you know that toners might deliver the secondary cleanse you’re seeking for? They’ll remove any remaining makeup that your normal cleanser missed. Toners can also eliminate excess oil and grime that has accumulated over the day or night.

Balanced pH levels

Skin is acidic by nature. However, certain soaps and cleansers are naturally alkaline. Using a product with a pH level that is significantly different from your skin’s might disturb its normal functioning, perhaps resulting in dryness, oiliness, or irritation. Although your skin’s pH can return to normal in a couple of hours, a toner can be used to swiftly restore balance.

A great base for the skincare routine

Using a toner can also help in the absorption of other products. Other ingredients will just sit on top of dry skin. When hydrated with a toner, however, these ingredients can permeate the skin and act more effectively.

A balanced skin

Toners do more than merely cleanse the skin. They also act to replenish skin with nutrients that traditional cleansers might strip away. As a result, the skin is frequently softer and smoother. A good toner can even help with stubborn problems like redness.

When and how to use a toner?

When to use a face toner?

Introduce a toner, for e.g Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer (Shop for Rs 750 @Tata CLiQ Luxury), into your daily regimen, and you’ll be using it both morning and night. Your toner will help in the creation of a naturally healthy base for your makeup at the start of the day. Toner helps you clean and nourish your skin before going to bed.

But are you still unsure where toner fits into your beauty routine? It fits well in the middle. If your regimen begins with cleanser and ends with moisturiser, just pop your toner between the two.

Note: Toner should be used within a minute of cleansing since active ingredients penetrate into skin easier when it is damp.

How to use a toner?

One of the benefits of toner is how quick and simple it is to use. Simply apply a generous amount to a cotton pad and wipe over your skin in gentle upward movements. And there you have it! Just the way we like it: simple and straightforward.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Do I really need a toner for face?

Answer: Toners are not necessary for everyone, but they might provide additional benefits if you have a specific skin condition that you want to address. The trick here is to understand which ingredients to seek for and which to avoid, as well as to find a toner that is appropriate for your skin type.

Question: Can I use toner on pimple?

Answer: Toners are a great way to remove any remaining residue from acne-prone skin after cleansing and before continuing with your skincare regimen.

Question: Can I use moisturiser after toner?

Answer: Facial toner is essentially an in-between skincare step. It should be used after washing your face but before applying serum or moisturiser.

Question: Do I wash off the toner?

Answer: Toner is applied after washing for face. You do not need to wash it off, but you should apply moisturiser on top of it when it has dried slightly.

Question: Does toner remove dark spots?

Answer: Brightening toners are often infused with skin-brightening ingredients such as papaya extract, ginseng, retinol, or vitamin C. These skin toners help reduce the appearance of dark spots, sun spots, acne scars, and fine lines.

Question: How often should I use toner?

Answer: While there are several benefits to using a toner on your skin, it is critical not to overdo it. It is best to use a toner once or twice a day, or every time you cleanse your skin (which should not be more than twice a day, ideally).

Question: Can I leave toner on my face overnight?

Answer: The short answer is yes, because it is intended to be left on your skin. However, it's worth noting that simply keeping it on overnight doesn't do anything. To reap the full benefits of a toner, apply moisturiser afterwards.

Question: Is rose water a toner?

Answer: Toner and rose water provide almost equal skin benefits. As a result, you should incorporate them into your skincare routine. However, rose water is a natural toner that has no harmful chemicals. As a result, it is beneficial for the skin, especially sensitive skin.

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