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Drunk Elephant new micellar water review by Team LSA, so you could get your hands on this much-awaited product armed with the right information. 

Tiffany Masterson’s cult beauty phenomenon Drunk Elephant has been growing its repertoire in recent years, particularly with two of its last big launches: A body and hair collection (the latter done in collaboration with celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan) and an overnight hydrating mask.

Some of the brand’s bestselling favourites go beyond its much-hyped TLC Sukari Babyfacial, an AHA and BHA based resurfacing mask and include a host of serums for different needs (hydration, resurfacing, brightening). As well as the F-Balm launched earlier this year; an overnight hydrating mask that packs electrolytes to wake up parched skin.

What’s next to land on shelves from the whimsical skincare label, you may be asking? If you’ve ever deemed to use Drunk Elephant from start to finish in your skincare routine and ever wondered what was missing, you’ll realise it’s the overlooked but essential toner step. Inaugurating this new product sub-category for the brand — and joining its existing range of cleansers — is none other than the E-Rase Milki Micellar Water.

The formula

Drunk elephant micellar water

Going along with Drunk Elephant’s MO of banning suspicious, sensitising ingredients from its formulations, the E-Rase is designed to be a gentle, milky makeup remover and to be used “anytime you need a quick skin refreshment,” as the press release states. As micellar water, it’s a liquid comprising tiny cleansing molecules that attract and trap dirt, taking them away from your skin.

The water is formulated at a slightly acidic pH level of 5.0, which is safe to use around the eye and lip area to remove makeup and dirt. The unique combination of moisturising ceramides, non-fragrant plant oils, and vitamin E make it incredibly nourishing for the skin.

Drunk Elephant new micellar water review 

I used it in the morning and at night to freshen the face after waking up and also to remove makeup (even waterproof mascara) — and it is truly effective without any need to scrub or tug at the skin.

Formulated with a buffet of exotic plant oils including marula, baobab, mongongo, wild melon seed, Ximena seed, passionfruit and sweet almond, yet the formula smells rather much like nothing. If you try hard enough, you might catch a faint acidic whiff of a musky, almond-ey, human smell (which might sound kind of gross), but for the most part, when you’re swiping the stuff on your skin with a cotton pad, you won’t notice it.

As a translucent gel-like consistency, the milky micellar water, unfortunately, leaves a slightly sticky feeling on the skin. Where other water-based micellar waters can offer a refreshing, cooling sensation, this one doesn’t and takes a couple of minutes to dry off. That said, it is more packed with nutrients for the skin than your average micellar water, which makes it effectively also an essence or serum to prep your skin before the rest of your routine. It’s also ideal for those with sensitive skin or people who deal with eczema, psoriasis or other delicate conditions. It’s good to know that once you layer on your other products, you won’t notice that cloying feeling at all.

The verdict

Drunk Elephant devotees will definitely want to cash in on the newest drop from the cult favourite. The E-Rase certainly does the job at cleansing the skin. If you’re looking for something that will fill the final gap in your skincare ‘shelfie’ with a liquid makeup remover by Drunk Elephant, this will certainly fit the bill. But does it make a long term difference? Not quite; If you’re looking for something that will do more of the heavy lifting for your skin-nourishing needs, perhaps you’d best look towards Drunk Elephant’s other products for the job.

For its texture and experience, I’d say the E-Rase is something that’s better suited for North American climates, but for Asia’s humid weather, you’d probably prefer a lighter alternative.

The E-Rase Milki Micellar Water is available on waitlist at Cult Beauty which delivers to India. It’s priced at Rs 2,100 Approx.