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Two new Korean beauty labels Accoje and Aroma Yong now officially in India 

Korean beauty labels Accoje and Aroma Yong are now officially in India.

The growing interest in Korean beauty is documented by the fact that newer beauty labels are entering India, and the number of retailers showcasing Korean beauty is also on the rise. The pandemic did cause a brief stopover, but soon shipping started, and now, with a few new Korean distributors, it’s all back in business for Korean beauty in India. While big labels like Innisfree have made their mark in the hearts of Indian consumers with their Green Seed Tree Serums, it’s The Face Shop that also followed up with their Mango Seed range. 

Accoje and Aroma Yong

Last year, we did see LaneigeBelif, and Cosrx launch exclusively with much fanfare and this year, we already have cult brand Sulwhasoo on the anvil wooing fans all over the country with their pricey yet effective skincare solutions. Now, two more labels have entered the market through a new Korean e-tailer, Wonderskin, their sole distributor and licensee. Accoje and Aroma Yong are easily the most popular labels from Korea, creating a buzz with their exquisite formulas and high-performance masks. 


Accoje and Aroma Yong

“Truly made in Jeju” cosmetics with ingredients grown and produced in Jeju, Accoje comes with shiny, minimalist packaging riddled with natural plant extracts and effective ingredients. The brand’s USP is that their creating-and-packaging process takes place in Jeju, from cultivating the ingredients to producing and creating the complete product. The label also uses 100% natural bedrock water of Jeju, which is recognised by UNESCO as the source of life in “Clean Jeju”.

What to pick up: Accoje Reviving Gel Cream, Rs 2,150

Aroma Yong 

Accoje and Aroma Yong

The label is pretty clear on what it calls itself – it’s a lifestyle aromatherapy brand that uses the natural efficacy of essential oils to help heal your skin. And not just that, these top-grade natural essential oils not only relax your mind and body but also offer therapeutic benefits to your skin by repairing damaged skin and healing dull skin. Suffice to say, it’s a clean beauty label, and their essential oils are perfect for that glass skin effect we all crave.

Both brands are cruelty-free, natural, and perform beautifully on Indian skin.  They are also free from harmful chemicals, silicon, paraben, mineral oil, PEG/PPG, and artificial fragrances.   

What to pick up: Mandarin Aromatherapy Mask, Rs 1,280

Apart from Wonderskin, you can also buy these labels on Nykaa and Amazon.

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