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Keep your skin away from the winter blues by choosing the right winter skincare

As the season’s all set to change so should your skincare regime! Don’t let the cold get to your skin, and choose the right winter skincare courtesy of the products listed below.

It’s time to go from plunging necklines to turtle necks, breezy overlays to puffers, and from cold brews to hot cuppa chocolates. Yes, you guessed it right, winter’s officially here! Speaking of which, since the colder months are all about layering up, it’s time to not just cosy up your wardrobes but your skincare shelves too. As the temperatures start to drop our skin sensitivity starts to rise, and that is when you need those winter skincare essentials to get you through those chapped lips, inflamed skin, dry patches, and whatnot. In order to assist you prep your vanities according to your winter skincare regimes, we decided to catch up with two experts who named a few ingredients that’ll help you beat that cold! So, right before you cosy up and slide under those blankets don’t forget to follow your regime the right way. 

Experts guide you to choose the right winter skincare

Dr. Mikki Singh, Head Dermatologist at Bodycraft Clinic, Bangalore

“Use occlusives, such as petrolatum, squalene, Argan oil, and shea butter. These ingredients form a protective seal and prevent trans epidermal water loss and prevent the sky from losing water and drying. Use water-loving ingredients like Glycerin and Hyaluronic acid that retain moisture. It’s recommended to use these ingredients on damp skin. Using gentle exfoliants like Lactic acid or mandelic acid during the winter will prevent stripping your skin of its natural oils. Don’t forget to use your sunscreen, just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean the sun’s harsh rays aren’t affecting you.”

Akanksha Singh Cornuit, Founder of Promed Aesthetics, Bangalore

“I highly recommend ingredients that will help prevent water loss from the skin and provide a protective barrier on the skin at the same time. Humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid, pull moisture from the air into your skin and soothe the skin in the winter. Like hyaluronic acid containing sunscreen or even serum like ordinary hyaluronic acid serum or hyaluronic acid watergel. Minimalist body lotion with glycerine and niacinamide – is a great combination to keep your body skin plum and moisturised throughout the day”. Furthermore, she states “Occlusives/ Emollients like petrolatum and shea butter prevent the skin from losing moisture to the atmosphere when relative humidity is low by providing a protective barrier. Using them with humectants have a synergistic effect on the skin that offers both skin protection from dry air and healing benefits. Vaseline petroleum used at the end of all your skincare products (also called slugging) or Vaseline shea butter – are classic and my favourite to use with really long-lasting effects”

Winter skincare products to beat the cold!

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