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Would you consider permanent makeup? Because we found three time-saving treatments

The world of makeup is only expanding: one pigment at a time. While there’s no doubt when it comes to choice, there are newer, time-saving options when it comes to makeup. From semi-permanent foundation to eyelash extensions and bolder brows, these weekend treatments offer Instagram-worthy looks that last up to months. Today we explore three treatments that help you get one step closer to rolling out of bed and looking fabulous…and the risks that come with it. 

Get Even-Toned Skin With BB GlowTreatment


Have you ever had that feeling that your makeup was so good that you didn’t want to wipe it off? It seems that someone else did too! One of the most booked treatments in Korea and parts of Asia, BB Glow Treatment could be a step closer to flawless looking skin.  “ BB glow, nicknamed the GG glow at ISAAC Luxe, is a painless and safe treatment that gets you one step closer to brighter, even-toned skin,” explains Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta, dermatologist and cosmetic dermatologist. Instead of applying your concealer or BB cream every day, you can now achieve a natural looking glow with the help of semi-permanent makeup. 

BB Glow involves infusing special pigment or BB cream into your skin by using microneedles with the help of a dermapen or a derma roller. “It’s not just pigment, we infuse… ingredients like Arbutin and Hyaluronic acid improve hydration, reduce inflammation and lighten acne scars,” she says. This treatment may be a boon for all those multi-tasking women who don’t have too much time in the morning for an elaborate beauty routine.

While most women can see results in the first session, you need about four sessions for desired results. You may need to pay a visit to your dermatologist for a maintenance session a few months later.

How long does it last? “It depends from client to client be it should last for anywhere between 6-9 months,” she says. 

Price: Rs 12,000 upwards. 

Brow Chika Wow With Microblading


There’s no denying it: eyebrows are the talk of the town. From the shape of the brow to the arch, the number of eyebrow pencils and pomades only seem to be multiplying. However, what about those of us who want bolder brows? “Microblading is a technique that can be used to fill in and darken brows as per the natural arch of a client,” says Mumbai-based dermatologist and laser surgeon, Dr. Apratim Goel, Cutis Skin Solutions. A lunchtime procedure done with the help of a numbing cream, “we deposit colour using a pen that has ultra-fine blades that enhances the density of your eyebrows,” she says. While the ink is deposited superficially, Dr. Goel assures it has no long term damage to hair follicles. Not only is it ideal for those of us who have sparse brows, it is also used by women who have gaps in the middle. 

A one-time investment that lasts 12-24 months (depends from person to person), a typical session extends between 60-90 minutes. After general counselling and numbing the area, the cosmetologist would first stencil in the area with a surgical blade. “By making small cuts in and around the eyebrows, we then deposit the pigment to give that fuller brow effect,” she says.

Turn Up The Volume With Lash Extensions


Gone are the days when falsies when just restricted to silver screens: the digital age of HUDA Beauty has brought back the lash trend in the blink of an eye. While every bride (including myself) gives into falsies, more and more of us are tempted to get that dense mascara look by the day. I spoke to Lavina Murjani- Senior Marketing Manager at Novalash India who offer eyelash extensions that last for 3-4 months. With 30-35 appointments at their centres in Delhi and Mumbai, it’s evident that the zeal of fuller lashes is appealing to more and more millennials. “A safe and beautiful alternative to the daily use of mascara, eyelash extensions can be worn daily, without having to remove them.” While formaldehyde-based glues can cause eye irritation, Novalash uses a patented platinum bond adhesive that is FDA approved and are oil proof and waterproof. 

A one-time procedure that takes 60-90 minutes, it’s a much more customised process than sticking on a strip of lashes. “Factors like your face shape, bone structure as well as the natural length and strength of your lashes help decide on lash extensions that will suit you,” says Murjani. From the number of lashes (80/100/120) to the length and the curl can all be discussed and customised (I’d take references.” Once your full lash mode is activated, you have to be a little mindful to avoid vigorous rubbing and nightly maintenance with the help of a spoolie brush. But wouldn’t this hamper the growth of your natural lashes, I asked? “This technique requires several different separation steps during the application, so each extension adheres to a single natural lash to prevent interruption of the lash growth cycle.”

While Dr. Goel expressed concern of traction alopecia or limited growth of lashes due to the repeated weight lash extensions, the best way to make most of lash extensions is to take breaks between sessions.

Price: Rs 2,500 upwards

  • Service lasts for 4 weeks
Things To Keep In Mind while getting treatments that are permanent:


  1. Permanent makeup is almost addictive: I should know, I’m typing this with nail extensions. With lip blushing and permanent eyeliner, the number of options will only increase, so here are a few things to keep in mind.
  2. Do your research. Follow a technician, brand or expert online to get familiar with their work.
  3. Draw a line. Place a call and if they cannot answer your questions, you know your answer.
  4. Don’t compromise on quality. Both lash extensions and microblading require serious technique so don’t settle for a deal that’s inexpensive at the cost of a poor job.
  5. Finally, take a break. The best way to enjoy semi-permanent makeup is to take a break from it every now and then.


Manvi Siddhanti

Manavi Siddhanti is a writer, editor and influencer based out of New Delhi. When she’s not writing on beauty and lifestyle, you’ll find her sipping on Chardonnay or bing watching Netflix.

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