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Vegan foundations are taking us one step closer to the vision of clean beauty

Organic lipsticks and blushes might’ve taken up a whole lot of space in your makeup routines, but now it’s time to give way to yet another step in the domain of clean beauty and this is vegan foundations! So, get ready to take the conscious route with these vegan foundations listed below.

Do you find yourself in a certain state of felicity while consuming a simple yet delicious avocado toast or maybe a tofu salad? Well, if yes then you sure belong to the vegan clan! Having said that, did you know that veganism isn’t just confined to your kitchens? It’s gradually crawling up to the beauty bracket, courtesy of several brands opting for cruelty-free products. Yes, you heard that right, it’s not just you, even your makeup products can be vegan. Several beauty brands have started to take up the concept of clean beauty and as a result of which our vanity kits are witnessing new entrants in the form of non-toxic and cruelty-free products. One such entrant gaining popularity is plant-based foundations aka vegan foundations. 


Speaking of beauty products, the mainstay of every makeup routine is the right choice of foundation, it’s what sets the base, right ladies? Foundations may not be the first category in beauty to go vegan, but it sure is an important one. Vegan foundations are not only animal friendly, but they also offer some additional benefits to our skin. Using eco-friendly ingredients makes them not only a safe option for the environment but also helps us deal with skin problems like allergies, breakouts and more. Vegan foundations are also devoid of any harmful chemicals hence giving them a clean slate in your makeup routines. So, now you know if you spot a vegan foundation all you need to do is hit add to cart! Lured by the benefits of the aforementioned here are a few vegan foundations to look out for. 

A few vegan foundations to add to your vanity kits

Hero Image: Courtesy Shutterstock Featured Image: Courtesy Nykaa Cosmetics

Vegan foundations are taking us one step closer to the vision of clean beauty

Jhanvi Duggal

Lifestyle Writer

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