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11 mental health and well-being Instagram accounts to follow

Lately, I’ve received abundant signs from the universe in the form of memes and articles, to take breaks, unfollow toxic accounts, and such. As a content writer and creator, it’s hard for me to take a ‘real’ break from social media, but everyone needs a mental detox. So here are 11 mental health and wellbeing Instagram accounts that promote positivity, confidence, and acceptance.

I went ahead and unfollowed influencers that didn’t make me feel positive about my body or skin. I’ve hidden stories from certain friends who choose to upload a constant stream of negative news. While it’s important to stay real, I also believe that life is about balance, and protecting your energy should be a priority. Now, I’ve been filling my feed with some Instagram pages that focus on mental health and overall wellbeing.

11 of the best mental health and wellness accounts on Instagram

The Every Girl (@theeverygirl)

mental health and wellbeing Instagram

The Every Girl is an online resource for creative, passionate, and career-driven women. We all know that one of the hardest parts about the balancing act called life, is work. How much is too much? How to separate work from life? Should you? Are you in the right profession, and how do you ask for what you deserve? This page covers all of that and more, along with a little home décor, fashion, and book recommendations. And none of the advice on this page is unattainable or unreachable!

The Just Girl Project (@thejustgirlproject)

mental health and wellbeing Instagram handles

This page is all about being yourself and staying inspired. The fun graphics add an edge to their inclusive messaging. Along with messages on girl power and positivity, it also sells cute merchandise, like masks and hoodies. The Just Girl Project also features advice on healthy bedtime routines, dealing with stress, and better ways to say ‘no’.

I Am Well And Good (@iamwellandgood)

mental health and wellbeing Instagram handles

Anxiety is an issue that has been plaguing millennials and Gen-Z. This page acts as an information catalogue on several different types of anxiety – whether that’s COVID-19-related or about climate change. The news cycle can be such a stressor, so scroll through their page for resources on dealing better with stress, along with a sprinkle of skincare advice and ideal workout routines.

Mind Body Green (@mindbodygreen)

mental health and wellbeing Instagram handles

Their bio says: ‘Connecting soul & science,’ and that’s what their page is all about. They dish out helpful advice on immunity, sleep patterns, mental health, and how everything is connected. The page goes above and beyond generic medical advice, marrying the expertise of doctors, nutritionists, scientists, and other health professionals.

Hello Giggles (@helloggiggles)

mental health and wellbeing Instagram handles

Hormones, pandemic safety, and body positivity: Nothing is off-topic for Hello Giggles. They serve up some great pointers on mental health, helping you decide if you need to see a medical professional. Apart from that, this page is great at sharing inspiring real-life stories and adding a positive spin to the news cycle by showing you ways to help.

Glitter Guide (@glitterguide)

mental health and wellbeing Instagram handles

If you’re looking for cool, quirky content, then this should be right up your alley. From super relatable memes to poetry that inspires passion, this page is a breath of fresh air, aptly named ‘Glitter Guide!’ And the page is also laced with some well-curated artwork to get your creative juices flowing.

How Mental (@howmental)

mental health and wellbeing Instagram handles

‘How Mental’ is a global resource for love and support. Whether you know someone battling mental health issues, or you want to learn more about the workings of the brain, this is a great resource. It aids both men and women in finding ways to feel less guilty for saying no, shines a light on the actual growth process of a person and forces you to self-reflect.

Self Care Is a Priority (@selfcareisapriority)

mental health and wellbeing Instagram handles

The motto is simple: Taking care of yourself is a priority. If you get lost in the daily grind, this page will act as a little reminder to take care of yourself, first. Sometimes, we all need a reminder on ‘when it’s okay to feel sad’ or a guide on ‘how to reclaim your peace of mind’. This page features helpful guides on dealing with your own issues, as well as people in your life who may be dealing with anxiety or depression.

So You Want To Talk About (@soyouwanttotalkabout)

mental health and wellbeing Instagram handles

Sometimes, talking is the best therapy and this page recognises that. They bring down social, political, and economical issues that are big parts of the Internet generation. Instead of gaining through some underlying agenda, this page just opens healthy conversations on topics like sexual liberation, protesting, and more.

Emotions Therapy (emotions_therapy)

mental health and wellbeing Instagram handles

Started by a mental health advocate, it talks about anxiety, OCD, anorexia, depression, recovery, and more. Coming from the perspective of someone who suffers a lot of these issues first hand, this page is a great resource for learning and discussion. The colourful creatives add to the page’s unique insight. The page features infographics that differentiate bipolar from borderline, links the reader to self-help guides, and reminds you of what’s truly important.

I Weight (@i_weigh)

This page acts as a little rebellion in the face of mainstream ideals. If you’ve been told you’re too fat, too thin, too loud, or too smart, then here’s a community for you. It’s relatable, real, and makes sure you know that you are more than what appears on some weighing scale. The page offers insight into cool concepts like body neutrality, trans rights, and feminism.

11 mental health and well-being Instagram accounts to follow

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Kapadia is a content writer & creator. For over six years, she’s worked with brands and digital portals like Asian Paints, Kellogg’s, Glamrs, MissMalini.com, and more. Reading is her first love and she’s got a penchant for drama. So, you can always find her chasing a good story.

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