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Top 5 quality masks to buy, based on public reviews

Ever since the pandemic hit, many have wondered what the right kind of mask is. While the N95 is the go-to, the government has now issued an advisory against using N95 masks with valve respirators, as they do not prevent the virus from escaping out. What is OK is the use of regular (fabric or homemade) masks. If you don’t have the time to make one at home, we’ve rounded up five affordable, quality masks you should purchase, based on public reviews.

Airific Carbon by Nirvana Being

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The three-layer mask consists of electrospun nanofibre filter, infused with antibacterial additives. Nanofibers (thinner than the human hair) helps trap even the smallest airborne particles. It supports two efficacies of quality masks: Highest filtration for virus, bacteria, and particulates (PM2.5), and low breathing resistance (wearable for six-10 hours). If you experience breathing problem, it’s time to discard the mask following the standard sanitary procedure for a mask. The inner and outer layers are made of all-natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, hemp, and flax.

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Supermask W95 by Wildcraft 

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Easy to wear, reusable, and breathable while packing the PM 2.5 protection — these are the things to look for when buying quality masks. Available in varied colours and patterns, Supermask™ W95 + is engineered for extra safety, comfort, and style. ​These are perfect for outdoor activities and are available in reasonably-priced packs too.

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Silver Pro masks

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Silver Pro masks by Lohia Health is a self-sanitising mask, coated with European Nano Silver formulation that kills bacteria and virus. It is 100% biodegradable 4-ply organic cotton mask, with a special silver chemical solution coating that is as effective as an N95 mask on most parameters yet enables it to have high breathability. Available in subtle and playful prints, it can be washed up to 30 times depending on its usage.

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PureMe Reusable mask 

PureMe sells cotton-made washable and reusable anti-pollution masks to protect from pollution, including PM 2.5, automobile gases, and dust. Its five layers PM 2.5 filter with an activated carbon layer come with four PM 2.5 replaceable filters inside the pack for filtration, each filter has a life of up to 100 hours. 

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EUME masks

Eume masks are pollution- and dust-resistant. Belted with 4-ply layers safety shield, they are ideal for outdoor activities, especially workouts. These lightweight, unisex masks are washable and reusable. It is made of cotton with an adjustable nose clip and a comfortable strap. Eume masks are available in funky patterns.

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