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Calming adult colouring apps to combat anxiety and stress

There is too much extra time to deal with during social distancing and add to that, the stress caused by coronavirus information on the internet and everywhere else. How does one stay calm in the middle of this anxiety-ridden phase of our lives? Enter adult colouring apps. Not only do they enable you to de-stress but also help channel creativity.


adult colouring apps

One of the most popular colouring apps, Colorfy seeks to give you a relaxing painting experience. Originate your own colours, create customised designs on existing stickers, use overlays and filters, and make pigment shades. They use the fill-in-colour method and while that’s not the colour pencil or brush experience, it is fun to play around. Colorfy is available on both Android and iOS.


adult colouring apps

This app is touted as the only true digital colouring experience. They’ve got over 200 designs and over 30 colouring tools—brushes for watercolour, oil, pastels, plasma, glitter, and more. They also have options where you can colour using freehand, tap-to-fill, or number coded colouring. Create your own shades and save those for future use. Pigment is available on both Android and iOS.

Super Coloring

This website lets you have the best of both the worlds—print the designs or colour them online. If choosing the latter, they take you to a page replete with a colour palette, different tools, and varying pen or brush tip sizes. Zoom in where needed, and erase or start over as and when you want.


adult colouring apps

A community of indie illustrators have contributed the designs to Lake. Their rainbow colour wheel has a range of shades, with each artist sharing their nine favourite colours that you can use when colouring their design. You can use the tap-to-fill option or go for spray, watercolour, or different brushes to paint. Lake is available on iOS.


adult colouring apps

Not only does Recolor have over 4,000 colour pages but they also let you add your own pictures to colour. The app boasts of over 70 colour palettes across solid and live colours, gradients, and crayons. They also have over 80 effects, filters, and outlines to create a design of your choice. It has 3D objects where you can colour all sides. It is said that filling-in their designs is a great way to relieve stress. Recolor is available on both Android and iOS.


adult colouring apps

‘Therapy for your mind’ is their tagline, which means you’re in safe hands. From geometrics to designs with different shades, this app has it all. They have over 20 filters. Once completed the app plays the colouring design in sequence with calming music in the background. This playback is said to help in reducing stress or anxiety. Colorgram is available on iOS.

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