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#GetFitWithLSA Ep. 2: Anshuka Parwani on breathwork and stretching (Yoga)

#GetFitWithLSA: Anshuka Parwani, celebrity yoga and holistic wellness expert takes us through a series of breathwork exercises and stretches while teaching us the importance of daily yoga.

In this episode of #GetFitWithLSA, we’re not only talking about working out and staying fit but also living well and healthy. While perfecting every stride and rep we make, the agility of mind and body is equally important. To help us get a better understanding of breathwork, stretching, and yoga, we caught up with Ansukha Parwani, who was notably also Deepika Padukone’s yoga trainer in her latest film Gehraiyaan. Check out our #GetFitWithLSA special routine thoughtfully curated by Anshuka for you to do at home. Also, here’s all about our post-yoga chat.

Anshuka Parwani: Yoga expert, #GetFitWithLSA


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Tell us about the importance of stretching and breathwork techniques for fitness enthusiasts today?

When you work out, it’s essential to make the best out of the time you put into it. Stretching helps you prevent injuries, it enhances blood circulation and helps you get deeper into your range of motion. It’s all about gaining optimum results from your workout. When it comes to breathing, think of oxygen as fuel for your muscles. So if your breathwork’s on point and your muscles are fueled up well, that also contributes towards getting better results. It’s also why I believe that stretching and breathwork are absolutely vital, not only for working out but also for daily performance.

Yoga, as we all know is a great immunity booster. What’s your take on it being a means for Covid-recovery?

As a matter of fact, I was recovering from Covid towards the end of January and I actually started a series on my page as well where I discuss mobility, small asanas, and a bit of movement. Firstly, I think it’s essential to rest and get a go-ahead from your doctor, then indulge in yoga. Begin with smaller asanas and stretches, while also focusing on breathwork. During Covid, your respiratory system takes the biggest hit, so you really need to work on lung capacity too. So yes, yoga is a great tool for anybody recovering from Covid and before they jump back into weight-lifting workouts at the gym.

Are there any yoga myths you’d like to bust?

Oh yes. Myth no. 1 – Yoga is meant for women. We saw how you did today, Mikhail and how it aligns for both men and women. What’s interesting is that many of yoga’s early gurus who created these sequences like the Ashtanga series and the Iyengar series were mostly men. I find it quite odd that people think yoga isn’t for men. It’s almost like saying fashion is only for women.

Yoga is a beautifully definitely unique form of fitness but it isn’t typically someone’s go-to type of fitness. Why do you think people are reluctant towards yoga or perhaps a preference towards other forms of fitness?

I think it’s simply because yoga is perceived by many as a form of fitness that won’t help one reach their aesthetical fitness goals or perhaps lose weight. When done correctly, it truly isn’t a boring Sunday evening stretch or a relaxed workout. Yoga can definitely be done with high intensity and help build lean muscles. More so, yoga isn’t just an external makeover, the magic also happens inside, which I think is something lots of people look over.

If our followers would ever like to have a yoga session with you, how should they get in touch?

Simply head to my Instagram, hit the link-in-bio and you’ll see all my classes and routines there. So please do call and book a class but most importantly, just know that yoga is definitely essential in all our daily lives, in terms of both health and fitness. So definitely give it a try.

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