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Workout apps have garnered a huge fanbase among fitness junkie millennials who rely heavily on digital solutions, and why shouldn’t they? This massive chunk of our population that swears by gym subscriptions tends to drop out before they can even finish the first set. The reasons behind this fallout might be plenty, but now thanks to these fitness apps, one can lose the folderol associated with workout regimes and dive right in where the fruit lies. Anyone can access virtual gyms and personal trainers with the click of a button.

Tapping into this opportunity, there are hundreds of apps available to facilitate a healthy lifestyle change and help you stay aligned with your fitness goals. You might find yourself spoilt for choice due to this surge. Check out our favourite workout apps that bring the gym to you and keep you committed to a fitness routine. From strength training to yoga, there’s one for every physical pursuit. You can thank us later.


Nike+ Training Club

Nike’s dedicated fitness app is entirely free and has remained a favourite on app store rankings for good reasons. Combining multiweek programmes with more than 180 individual regimens that can be done in half an hour or less, Nike+ Training Club is a powerhouse that anyone, from beginners to novices, will appreciate. The app hosts different genres of exercise within too, ranging from high-intensity interval training, yoga, mobility work, to strength and resistance, all enacted by the sportswear brand’s Master Trainers. If you’re someone who likes variety and versatility, this app is a must.

Available on iOS and Android


For those keen on building your physique and strength through compound lifts, Stronglifts is the app to have. It custom-designs a workout plan for you, featuring three exercises per session, with each following a 5-by-5 rep scheme, totalling 45 minutes, just three times a week. If these numbers boggle your mind, we’ll keep it simple — Stronglifts is all about short, effective workouts that give you serious gains.

Available on iOS and Android


Having defined abs is a fitness goal anyone can relate to, and Core360 is an app-based programme that makes that goal a reality. Created by personal trainer and physique competitor, Sara May Garcia Perez, Core360 is structured around video exercises that build your core strength as a means to be fit overall (and trust that Garcia knows about the importance of building your core, given her killer abs). Don’t have the assumption that it’s all sit-ups and crunches though, as the exercises do span a wide array of target areas and not just your abdomen. The programme follows a paid model, but it’s one of the most affordable around.

Available on the Motify App, downloadable on iOS or Android

Asana Rebel

Yoga has become a ticket to more than just mindfulness and mobility — it is a proven way to keep fit as well. Take the yoga studio wherever you go with Asana Rebel, an application with programmes that combine various forms of yoga with bodyweight exercises to help you achieve your goals. With workouts that range from 10 minutes and more, Asana Rebel is easy enough to fit into your day-to-day grind, as long as you have a mat in tow.

Available on iOS and Android


Freeletics is a callisthenics-based training app with workouts that cater to your fitness goals, whether it’s losing weight or gaining muscle. There are over 1,000 workouts to choose from, ranging from 10 minutes to half an hour. Each targets specific parts of the body, so you can choose your focus for the day. Those who prefer a fixed programme can opt to pay for the personal trainer function in the app, where an AI coach tailor makes a regimen for you to adhere. As Europe’s most popular fitness app, Freeletics signals the future of mobile personal training.

Available on iOS and Android

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