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Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, founder of Elixir Wellness on the future of IV therapy

Intravenous Therapy (IV)is the new IT treatment for all things wellness and beauty, and Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, founder of Elixir Wellness is here to give you a detailed look into the future of this treatment and what benefits follow the same.

Beauty being a lucrative industry is on top of its game in several countries and India is no exception. Scrolling down the gram and TikTok in search for the best skincare regimes sure is doing a great job in filling up your skincare racks, but what’s worth causing wonders is one concept not known to many, IV therapy. As strange as it may sound, this therapy is undoubtedly your one-stop for glowing and healthy-looking skin. Aimed at enhancing your wellness and giving your skin a radiant appearance, IV therapy is the newest addition to the beauty block. Speaking of which, if IV therapy is on your ‘beauty to-do’ list in 2023, then you sure to know of Elixir Wellness. The wellness hub helps you understand the needs of your skin, what will work for you and breaks myths and fads to give you quality results. So, if you think IV drips are just to cure your diseases, well that’s where Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, founder of Elixir Wellness steps in!

In addition to the above, we dig deeper into the concept that Elixir Wellness is based on, catching up with Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, content creator, author, entrepreneur, and founder of Elixir Wellness. From giving us a brief into the importance of IV therapy, and the services offered at Elixir Wellness to dictating the future of this treatment in India, Tanya is here to give you a detailed insight into the brand’s concept, her thoughts on the new age skincare trends and what her personal wellness mantra looks like. 

elixir Wellness
Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa

In conversation with Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, founder of Elixir Wellness

What is the future of IV Drips and Facials IV Drips in India? 

IV therapy is very common abroad. In Dubai, London, and New York, wellness centers have cropped up across the cities making IV therapy, oxygen therapy, and even cryotherapy a regular part of people’s wellness regimes. I do see India moving – quite quickly – in this direction. Facials are already a rage here but with the right technology and well-trained doctors, it is a great way to enhance your glow and get clear glowing skin too.

How would you say Elixir Wellness will mark new standards of beauty? 

Elixir Wellness aims to mark new standards of beauty by way of enhancing wellness. The ultimate goal is wellness from within and to help our clients overcome aches and pains, physical ailments, chronic issues like migraine and PCOS, and of course to address any cosmetic concerns too. We also focus on boosting immunity and wellness to help our clients be healthier and more productive.

How is the new age skincare wellness different? 

Skincare today goes well beyond fixing acne and freezing moles – it’s about helping you look your best – so whether that is by taking drips that help you clear your skin, getting regular facials, using the right products, or getting fillers, non-surgical face lifts, or botox – the aim is the same – which is to help you look the way you would like to. Technology has also come into skincare in a big way – so we can use the right machinery and tech to give you a look into how your skin is aging and show you how this can be reserved too. There is also constantly a flood of research coming in about different new therapies and their impact on wellness and skincare, so this space now requires you to be constantly updated on the latest in research, technology, science, and products.
Elixir Wellness

What’s your wellness philosophy? 

To me wellness is holistic: it is a mental, physical and emotional alignment that helps you feel and look your very best, and function at your optimum.

What is that one wellness essential you can’t live without? 

Glutathione is the one wellness essential that I cannot live without. IV therapy has reduced the frequency of my own migraines from 20 a month to 3, and it’s due to the power of this amazing antioxidant, which is actually natural to the body. It is something our body makes that gets less as we age. Supplementing this has a host of benefits including reducing free radical damage, reducing inflammation in the body, detoxing organs including the skin, improving insulin resistance, boosting metabolism, reducing the frequency of headaches, and much more. This is a supplement that is not easily absorbed through the gut, hence intravenous injections of glutathione work beautifully.

How do you choose an IV drip for your wellness? And how does it actually work? 

We have an exhaustive list of IV therapies available – many of which revolve around the famous Myers cocktail but have been tailored by a panel of experts to target certain ailments and suit the needs of our population too. Elixir Wellness has an expert panel of doctors who do a detailed consultation for every single client and then can recommend a therapy based on our menu and the client’s needs, or can customise something for each client. Every therapy we give is doctor recommended and tailored – we look at the client’s goals, food habits, allergies, family medical history, client medical history, sleep cycles, exercise routine, medications, and a lot more – while recommending therapy for our clients!

Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa

What about your wellness routine – is there a process you follow?

My wellness routine includes a daily workout, a detailed skincare and haircare routine, and regular IV therapy to keep my skin healthy, keep my migraines at bay, and PCOS under control, and boost my immunity. I often take care of any aches or pains through cryotherapy which is as natural as putting ice but a lot more effective, and I can’t wait to use some of the new therapies coming to Elixir soon!

Hero Image: Courtesy Shutterstock Featured Image: Courtesy Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa 

Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, founder of Elixir Wellness on the future of IV therapy

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