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Head to REVIV wellness clinic in Mumbai to boost your skin with IV Therapy

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s the often-ignored fact that health comes first and beauty from the inside is important. And if you’re looking for an easy and immediate solution to prevent diseases, improve your overall health and hair and metabolism, IV therapy, which we experienced at REVIV in Mumbai, might just be the right option.

Reviv IV Therapy

It’s not a new trend, but it’s still very popular as more millennials are looking to opt for optimised wellness rituals that not only add value to your wellbeing but also make it easier. Plus, let’s not forget that it’s celebrity-approved. Time and again, celebrities like Madonna, Chrissy Teigen and Rihanna have been known to use drips for anti-ageing benefits, glowing skin, and more energy.

The most well-known hotspot for IV therapy in Mumbai is REVIV. A wellness clinic that offers a variety of IV therapies for anything from dull skin and anti-ageing to lifestyle issues like low energy, exhaustion, hangovers, detox issues and even jet lag.


The clinic based in Worli gives you tailored wellness and recovery therapies that are intuitive and deliver benefits immediately. The signature therapies and vitamin injections are developed by medical professionals to provide the right amount of nutrients, fluids, electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants, so you feel rejuvenated immediately. And yes, there’s little, or no downtime included.

IV vitamin infusions are easy to describe — it’s just a drip or a booster shot that delivers vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream to tackle lifestyle problems. They’re introduced to us because it’s a fact that late-night bingeing, no work-life balance, pollution, and our current lifestyle choices aren’t healthy. But also, a good night’s rest and no stress alongside a healthy diet with a side of yoga is not a short term process; it takes time. Hence, a way to bring wellness back into our stressed-out lives in small ways.

The REVIV medical spa offers IV therapy, booster shots, a lifestyle plan by understanding genetics and personalised IV and supplements. From 10-minute therapies like Vitaglow that is a boost of Vitamin C to 20-minute drips called Hydromax that includes flushing Lactic Acid and electrolytes, Ultraviv for cold and flu to Megaboost for energy and jet lag — there’s a lot to explore, and all these can be done during your daily lunch break. The most popular one is the Royal Flush ( lasting 45 minutes)that is all about total body detox and purification; it’s a great addition to your wellness routine. They start from Rs 9,900 to Rs 34,900 depending on what you choose.

The Megaboost Therapy is what we went ahead with, and what it does is pretty simple. It ensures glowing skin, adds hydration, increases energy and detoxifies the body. And in 25 minutes, right after we listened to a few songs, watched a bit of TV and read a magazine, we were through. “The fact that you are delivering those nutrients via IV can mean that there is 100% absorption. Nothing consumed internally, Neith energy drinks nor vitamins can give you the results that IV can give you,” explains Dr Ruby Tandon, Co-founder & Medical Director at REVIV.

The booster shots are the most economical at REVIV and give you fast delivery with lasting effects — from a Vitamin C shot (Rs 2,900) to Vitamin B12 (Rs 2,900) to CoQ10 (Rs 4,900), all of them tackle everything from refreshing skin to help you recover faster. The process is easy. The experienced medical staff take your medical history, and the doctor, once acquainted with your health needs, goes ahead to recommend the suitable treatment. While booster injections take seconds, the IV therapies take anywhere from 20-40 minutes.

The clinic has also recently come out with REVIV at-home service with IV therapies and booster shots at the comfort of your home, available all over Mumbai. Let’s be honest, becoming your best healthy self from the inside out just got easier.

To know more, head to REVIV. Contact: +91 70217 87000

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