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We’re all aware that for the next couple of months, every fitness endeavour of ours must stay restricted to the four corners of our homes. While so, ensure you gear up right with with these indoor trainers.

On every fitness blog and journal, there’s been one major obsession during this time of the pandemic, even though neither of us can reach a jog track or a fitness arena. As we stick by the codes of social distancing yet keep up with the spirit of keeping fit, we turn our living rooms into make-shift gyms and our Apple Watches into fitness coaches. HIIT workouts may just be our best bet at staying fit while we stay in. Luckily, our favorite athleisure brands have also understood this concern, shifting focus from what would be summer runners to grippy, indoor trainers.

We’ve spared you the hunt for a new pair of indoor trainers with this list to help you stay fit right at home.

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Get that HIIT going: Indoor trainers to bundle up on to stay fit at home
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