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In the core: List of basic 6-pack abs workouts you can try at home in 2021

The year is 2021 and it’s high time we get that ab workout on track. Keeping it home-friendly, equipment-free and easy, these are the best abs workouts to get started with.

As far as our fitness affairs are concerned, 2020 left us a bit well, haywire. While some of us took advantage of the extra free hours of the day, others opted to snooze. We don’t blame you, we did it too. But as we begin a new year, we might as well turn a new leaf and have our fitness endeavours done right. Focusing on our abs this time and starting with the basics, here are the best abs workouts you can try right at home.

The workouts we’ve selected are quite simple and don’t really come under the beginner-experienced-advanced buckets of workouts. Try doing each workout for 30-45 seconds each with 20-second breaks in between.

best abs workouts

High plank, open and close

Workout one. You start off by assuming a push up position. Your hands perfectly straight, stiff and spread apart on the ground while your feet are together. Essentially this workout is about opening and closing your legs in a jump motion. If it’s too difficult, you could also do a step motion instead of a jump. Do this workout for 45 seconds and squeeze your core. Take a break then.


Possibly one of the easiest and best abs workouts you’ll find online. First, lay on your back. Second, hold the back of your head with both your arms and push off the ground. Third, lift your legs and assume a cycling motion with your legs. This will also strengthen your thighs a bit as it works out your abdomen from a different angle. While you’re in this motion, touch your knee and elbow in a cross-motion, as in left elbow with right knee and vice versa. Do the same for about 45 seconds and take a breather then.

best abs workouts

Leg flutters

Do remember to stretch in-between each workout. Get back to the same position, lay flat on the ground. Now, point your hands towards your pelvis and lift yourself off the ground. While you’re straining there, lift your legs off the ground too and move them up and down. Remember to keep your legs and arms straight, the stiffness is what creates pressure on your abdomen. Do this for 30-45 seconds.

Leg raises

The oldest trick in the book and the most efficient, even trainers approve that this could be one of the best abs workouts one can try. It’s super simple and similar to the previous workout on this list. The only difference is that you place your hands underneath your back for support and your legs go all the way up. This one can be difficult, so take it slow.

best abs workouts

Switching mountain climbers

Next, we not only target your abs but also the muscles around them. Remember the first workout? Assume the initial push-up position. What you do here is try a running motion but keep switching sides and alternating your direction. The objective here is to assert pressure on your abdominal abs next to your abs, you do that by twisting your waist a bit and squeezing. Do this too for about 45 seconds.

Knee to elbow

Finally, get into a plank position where your elbows and toes touch the ground. This is a high-pressure workout and you want to finish on a high note. What you do here is bring your knee upward and touch your elbows. It might seem simple but trust me you’ll be feeling the strain very soon. Do remember to stretch your abs after intervals.

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