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LSA Reviews: The Body Balancer is ideal for fitness freaks facing muscle fatigue

From its physical benefits to its holistic healing attributes, the role fitness plays in our lifestyle today is more important than ever. More and more people are realising the importance of working out, and being an active jogger and weekend footballer, I understand this drive to stay fit. But what’s often ignored is the post-workout down-time that follows a hardcore session. Best described as feeling drained out or having stiff or strained muscles, over time it results in most people taking a short break from working out to recalibrate our bodies. Mumbai-based salon Team Vanity’s new introduced Body Balancer treatment addresses this soreness that fitness enthusiasts face.

The Body Balancer is a lymphatic drainage massage technology that targets cellulite and water retention
What is the Body Balancer?

Using 24 air tubes, the Body Balancer is almost like a tight, air-cushioned pair of trousers that uses lymphatic draining massage techniques to treat external and internal fitness-related body issues. The body-suit inflates and deflates, squeezing the lower half of your body, and aims to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and eliminate waste and toxins from the body to reduce fluid retention and puffiness. It also works towards reducing cellulite by increasing the supply of oxygenated blood to tissues through its massage.

Targeting areas like the hips, thighs, and buttocks, where body fat and cellulite tend to gather more, it eliminates issues caused by sedentary lifestyles and intense workouts as well. Overall, the Body Balancer is designed to help you feel lighter, detoxed, stress-free, and refreshed, all in just a single session.

The Body Balancer is also used by professional footballers and athletes to destress
What was the treatment like?

There’s a special cabin dedicated to this service at Team Vanity salon in Khar, Mumbai. As I lay on my back, the Body Balancer was snugly strapped into its inflatable cocoons, over my legs, tight as a body suit. Through a series of compressions and decompressions, the airflow squeezed the lower half of my body, the thighs in specific, along with the calf and waist. It works in three phases: First, the Wave sequence, is a steady upward flow of pressure from the toes to hip, allowing drainage and circulation. The second, the Slim cycle, is slightly more rhythmic and designed to sculpt. And third, the Balance, was a faster-paced sequence, which helps re-calibrate blood circulation. You can opt for half hour, 45 mins, or full hour treatments.

Using 24-air-valves, the Body Ballancer consistently compresses and decompresses
What we think

At first glance, the body suit seemed a bit intimidating. But the moment I wore it and the treatment began, it changed my mind. The Body Balancer was serene and relaxing, inducing a soporific state of being. Once it ended, I could feel that my legs that shed-off their prior heaviness, and the muscles in my thighs seemed significantly lightened and relaxed. I struggle with water retention, and that seemed to have lowered as well after the treatment. I would recommend it to any fitness aficionado who is suffering from sore muscles. Opt for a full hour treatment, for best results though.

Team Vanity salon in Khar, Mumbai

This service was made available at Team Vanity recently and can accommodate only one customer at a time, so we suggest making an appointment ahead of time. The Body Balancer starts at Rs 4,200 (approx) per sitting, and you are required to sign a medical form stating any conditions before trying the service.

All images: Courtesy Shutterstock, Body Balancer, and Team Vanity

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