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Call him Iron Man or the Marathon Man of Bollywood, we have a lot to learn from the 55-year-young Milind Soman.

Milind Soman broke the internet this week after posting an image of himself running, commando-mode on a Goa beach. As his birthday celebration post, it highlighted Soman’s fit aesthetic and the work he puts into that bod. Even at 55, we certainly can take a few notes from him, and his Instagram gives us a few clues on what his workout looks like.

Here’s how to stay fit like Milind Soman

Diversify your workout

Milind Soman

Push-ups are key

Keep it not only a mix of exercises but also different genres of exercises. Apart from running, Soman also focuses on yoga, combat sports, and other exercises to guarantee 360-degree fitness.

Two’s a crowd

One of the best home workouts to do right now is push-ups and as you can see, Soman agrees. Keep experimenting and get creative with push-ups progressively. It’s a great way to target different muscles of your body.

Milind Soman

When in doubt, go cycling

For some, it’s better to jog with a fellow fitness enthusiast rather than taken the road alone. When inspiration and dedication are mutual, it turns into a cycle of motivation. It helps not only in the fitness journey but also the mental journey.

Milind Soman

Au Natural

Every once in a while, it’s important for you to whip out that bicycle and do a few laps. You may not even feel it, but it’s a much more effective workout than running sometimes.

Take a dip

Working out while being surrounded by nature is probably one of the healthiest things you can do. The fresh burst of energy and the closeness to our elements is certainly uplifting. Milind Soman agrees with us with this video.

Milind Soman

Find new destinations to work out

If you’re close to a pool and you have access to it, you need to be in it. This isn’t necessarily to work out, but in a way, to de-stress. Let the water calm you down, it’s the other side of the coin in the affairs of working out.

By the bay

One of the best ways to ‘keep yourself going’ is to find new places to explore and work out. The freshness of that location is great for motivation as well. While Soman’s quite the runner, he’s also an avid traveller.

Evidently, Soman likes staying close to the ocean. Even today, while he’s making headlines, he’s by the ocean feeling the wind. It’s undoubtedly one of the best places to run, especially around sunrise or sunset. Soman can attest.

All images: Courtesy milindrunning/Instagram

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