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Achieve your fitness goals by debunking 7 common myths about fitness

Fitness is a way of life, whether or not you pursue it actively in your day-to-day life. While social media is a great platform to raise and spread awareness, it can also spread a lot of misinformation. That, and people’s age-old preconceived notions have given birth to a bunch of myths about fitness. That’s exactly what we are here to talk about.

There are plenty of myths about fitness, most of which we are unaware about. Staying fit and incorporating exercise and physical activity in our daily life has got more benefits that you can think of. But due to these fitness myths, a lot of times, you are not able to reach your true potential and make the most out of exercising. So we are here to debunk some of these myths and pave your way to a happy, healthy workout.

Debunking myths about fitness

Myth: The longer you workout the better it is for you

myths about fitness

Fact: A long workout doesn’t guarantee that you will get more fit over time. What matters is how efficiently and how consistently you do it. Even if you workout for just 20 to 30 minutes, it can be just as useful.

Myth: You need to have a meal within 30 minutes of finishing your workout

myths about fitness

Fact: Yes, it is important to refuel your body after a workout. All the nutrients and hydration that you lost, it’s important to give that back to your body within the first 90 minutes. So even if you miss the first 30-minute window, it’s still okay. Your body will still get the desired nutrition if you eat after that.

Myth: You need to do HIIT daily

myths about fitness

Fact: One of the biggest myths about fitness is that the more intense workout you do every day, the faster you are going to reach your goals. That’s not true. In fact, your body needs rest after an intense workout to recover. So you need to give rest days to your body in between two consecutive intense workout sessions.

Myth: You can burn fat from certain spots in your body

spot fat burning

Fact: Another one of the biggest myths about fitness, you cannot do spot fat burning. Burning fat and losing weight is a holistic process. So, when your body is in a fat-burning mode, it burns fat from your entire body. You absolutely cannot target certain areas of your body to burn fat.

Myth: Exercise can make up for a bad diet

spot fat burning

Fact: If you keep eating junk and workout for an hour the next day and expect to lose all the fat, it’s not going to work. Your body always needs to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. And to be in a calorie deficit, you need to watch what you eat, as well as workout.

Myth: The more you sweat, the better is your workout


Fact: While your body produces sweat when you are working out and burning calories, you have to remember that sweat is not an indicator for a good workout. Otherwise, gyms wouldn’t be air conditioned.

Myth: Morning is the best time for exercise

morning workout

Fact: This is another myth about fitness that everyone believes. The time of the day is not important when you are trying to stay fit. You just need to be consistent with your workouts and fitness goals in order to achieve them.

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Achieve your fitness goals by debunking 7 common myths about fitness

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