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How homegrown juice brand Raw Pressery is championing clean eating

‘All good. No bad.’ When you have a simple yet strong motto like that, you know you are setting yourself up for really high standards. But that’s what Raw Pressery did and followed through.

One of the country’s first fresh, cold-pressed juice labels, you’ve most likely seen their eye-catching bottles (thanks to the striking colour of their natural juices) in leading supermarkets, airlines, and quick service restaurants. One of the top brands in their segment, Raw Pressery launched in 2013, and since then has come a long way from when they began their distribution through the Dabbawallas in Mumbai and Pune. Six years down, an idea that sprung from a ceiling splattered with carrots when founder Anuj Rakyan tried to make a healthy juice, has culminated in easily accessible healthy juices across the country.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, pure water, and no additives, chemicals, or preservatives—it’s clean goodness that Raw Pressery champions. Furthering this goodness is their sustainable initiative, Rawcycle, which recycles plastic bottles into clothing. We spoke to Atiya Rakyan, Chief Rawcycling Officer, about what this journey to becoming an eco-friendly brand has been like.

How did the idea of Raw Pressery come about?

Raw Pressery came to life through a personal discovery. It began with a back injury that required surgery. However, being a fitness enthusiast, I was keen to let it heal naturally. Besides physiotherapy, there was also a need for good nutrition, which is when I began making fruit and vegetable juices at home.

It was during this time that I discovered that fresh juice, while available on the street, didn’t really have retail existence. I wanted to address this gap and that’s how Raw Pressery was founded — to bridge the space by providing an alternative that sells fresh, cold-pressed juices that are healthier and have no preservatives, sugar, or juice concentrate.

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How come no company with a 100 percent clean ethos existed before 2013?

With increasing awareness about plastic pollution, more companies are now realising the need to be plastic responsible. The rise in marine pollution especially has been an eye-opener, drawing brands to acknowledge their responsibility and to action effective alternatives.

What brought about the idea of Rawcycle?

Our philosophy of ‘All Good. No Bad.’ has always branched through everything we do. This belief is what we aim at practicing on the grassroots level as well. Right from farm to table. With the current environmental crisis we are in, and plastic at the very center of it, this unmanaged waste has wreaked havoc on international biodiversity.

As part our larger strategy, the environmental impact also lends to the change we are trying to create in our corporate culture. Our juices are produced using the high water pressure processing technique for keeping them fresh. Because of this, glass is not a viable option. The reality of this made us think hard for a sustainable solution. It was important to innovate and disrupt alternative waste management techniques to not only better our practices but to showcase to the industry that there is a possibility for the same.

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Any other initiative to introduce a new plan of action in the same direction?

Rawcycled has launched its first capsule collection, which includes four different styles of T-shirts (crop top, cross back, basic tee, everyday tee). There will be a new collection launched soon along with more athleisure products.

How have the consumers responded to these movements, and what does the future look like in this regard?

The consumer today is informed and updated about their environmental footprint. The effects of their consumption are not lost on them and are a facet of their daily living where minimal wastage and environmental impact is an integral moral decision. In fact, we have been urged by our audience to switch to glass packaging. However, due to our preservation process, plastic is a viable option. Thus, giving rise to Rawcycle. Our consumers have responded positively to these movements.

All images: Courtesy Raw Pressery

How homegrown juice brand Raw Pressery is championing clean eating

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