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What are wellness candles – the stress relieving trend that’s going viral

Our well-being is one of our top priorities, and we must always make sure it is taken care of properly. There are several ways to do so, and burning wellness candles is one. 

Have you ever had a super hectic day that all you want to do when you’re back home is relax? You might want to have a relaxing bath or lie down in peace. An added touch to any of those would be lighting up some candles, especially wellness candles.

What are Wellness Candles?

wellness candles
Image Courtesy: Fleck Instagram

Wellness candles are those candles that have air-purifying and healing properties. You might think, how do candles have healing properties? Candles are scientifically proven to help soothe us, which is why while getting a massage, most spas and massage therapists light a candle in the room. Most wellness candles use scents that help enhance our well-being and keep us calm and relaxed. They use lavender that helps relax the mind and body, peppermint that helps us stay focused, vanilla that stimulates feelings of joy and is beneficial for relaxation, and many more. 

wellness candles
Image Courtesy: EKAM Online Instagram

Wellness candles are great as they benefit us by reducing anxiety, helping you stay focused, helping in relieving stress, boosting energy and several other benefits. The significance of wellness candles in our day-to-day lifestyle is that we would be less anxious, jittery and be able to concentrate on our tasks at hand better. Especially with the pandemic and people having to work from home, wellness candles can help create an environment perfect for working, keeping us attentive and relaxed. 

Brands that have wellness candles for you to try: 

MASIC Beauty 

Content creator and influencer in the Indian beauty community, Malvika Sitlani, started MASIC Beauty in 2020. Her philosophy is that basics are not boring. That’s why she launched MASIC Beauty — Malvika + Basic. The brand is a perfect mix of premium quality and budget-friendly products, wellness candles being their pilot products. They claim that the candles created keeping self-love in mind reflect as intended in their scents. One of their candles is named Me Time, that’s a lavender dominated scent candle infused with vanilla and camphor, each ingredient being appropriate for our well-being. They also have a candle named Beauty Sleep, which creates the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep and a self-care bundle that includes both these scents, the ideal combination to relax and unwind.

Candles by Zariin

Zariin has launched a holistic line of wellness products, including wellness candles. Wellness by Zariin harnesses the healing qualities of gemstones that cultivate calmness and instil well-being. The range of products features stones infused with signature ingredients designed to improve our well-being. Zariin has launched a range of candles for each zodiac. It is an amalgamation of fragrances, essential oils, flowers and gemstones, designed to render a sense of peace, serenity, stability and inspiration. It is a way to celebrate the 12 sun signs through the healing powers of stones and the scents of essential oils.


MISA candles are a labour of love, following the philosophy of slow living, designed to help you drift into a relaxing space. Their candles are handmade in the finest tradition of luxury candle-making, with fragrances curated by the best. Their Serendipity collection is a range of wellness candles, with six different scented candles, each made with ingredients like lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla, mint, white jasmine, etc. and two gift boxes. Each candle is a mix of these ingredients, making it an ideal choice to relax and stay focused with, uplifting your mood at the same time, keeping your surroundings peaceful and serene. 

Summer Scents Apothecary

Summer Scents Apothecary is known to make handcrafted vegan healing or wellness candles which are biodegradable and environmentally safe. Their wellness candles are a beautiful blend of the highest quality fragrant essential oils, each candle hand-poured for a flawless finish. They have a range of healing and wellness candles, each curated with ingredients that can help improve our well-being. With their wellness candles, you will find clarity, serenity, and a renewed sense of calm. The candles made from soy wax, coconut oil, essential oils, and natural crystals, when burnt, release unique energetic properties that help remove toxins from the air and cleanse the environment.

Rad Living

Rad Living’s motto is ‘making the world radder, one candle at a time’ and, they are doing just that with their creative and quirky candles. They also have candles that look exquisite. Rad Living has given wellness candles their own twist with two ranges: Truth Bombs and F.L.Y. First Love Yourself. The Truth Bomb is a collection of hand-poured soy wax candles with handpicked fragrances that celebrate you and your space and mind. Each candle in this collection caters to a specific situation where you might face anxiety or need to focus. Their second collection— F.L.Y. First Love Yourself, has ten natural soy wax candles with labels that speak for you, bringing out unfiltered truths unapologetically about keeping yourself first.

My Muse 

The creators behind the brand My Muse mention they wanted to make intimacy easy, approachable, and fun for the modern Indian. Therefore, they created a variety of products, including wellness candles. The company’s wellness candles, called Spark, aim to connect people, promote wellness, and provide fun. You can choose one from four different fragrances to set the perfect mood, each evoking a sense of serenity, the ideal way to relax after a busy day. The four scents are Jasmine Ylang, Bergamot Mahogany, Amber Vanilla, and Masala Chai.


Conceptualised to create a tranquil sanctuary in every home, Fleck has come out with several scented candles. Using ingredients like lavender, rosemary, sage, orange, frankincense, and more, their wellness candles are soy-based, hand poured and with 100% essential oils. Every ingredient they amalgamate to create their candles has benefits resulting in being calm, stress-free and helping reduce anxiety. These scents will leave your room smelling divine and help you unwind.


EKAM creates fragrances that make you feel the best every moment and every day. Although global in its viewpoint, EKAM firmly stays rooted in its Indian culture, keeping in mind Indian aesthetics, taste and usage. Their three-wick soy wax wellness candles lift spirits and enhance the quality of time spent doing any activity. Their different scents and blends influence our perception and moods, depending on the activities we indulge in throughout the day. From the variety of wellness candles EKAM has, you can pick any seeing the ambience you want to set. 

All Good Scents

The aim of All Good Scents is to provide India with luxury, sustainable yet affordable fragrances for daily wear that don’t forget its Indian roots. They have a variety of candles and gift sets, enhancing the homes of many with their luxury scented candles. They have introduced a festive candle collection, that not only adds a stylish scented touch to your house but is also a great wellness candle due to its ingredients that give it the luxury scent. You can start your day with the Cassis candle from the set, enchanting you. Ylang Ylang is the ideal candle to set the ambience for your workspace and the warmth of Oud and Patchouli will make you feel relaxed and stress-free, enveloping you and your loved ones.

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Hero Image Courtesy: MASIC Beauty; Featured Image Courtesy: Rad Living Instagram


What are wellness candles – the stress relieving trend that’s going viral

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