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Easy New Year’s resolution ideas for a happy and healthy 2023 (that you can keep)

New year’s resolution ideas, most often, end up being followed for a month at max, and then they fizzle out. Ever wondered why? The first and obvious answer that comes to mind is — lack of commitment. Therefore, it only makes sense to make new year’s resolutions that are effortless and attainable. So, for a happy and healthy 2023, check out some easy new year’s resolution ideas that will keep you motivated.

Why should you make a new year’s resolution?

New year’s resolutions aim at honing new skills, taking a step forward to better mental health and bringing in a positive lifestyle change. These initiatives will not only boost your self-confidence but also improve your leadership skills.

However, people often fall short of reasons to hold on to their resolutions and persevere. Many a time, it is because of unrealistic goals that become difficult to meet as days go by. This is where the need for a simple new year’s resolution arises. From adopting a new bedtime routine to reduce stress, to maintaining a healthier diet and taking care of the planet, there are several new year’s resolution ideas that won’t feel overwhelming.

As they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, it is important to start slow and focus on self-improvement before going overboard with a rigorous plan. For instance, over the past few years, a paradigm shift is noted towards a more sustainable living. In this regard, instead of analysing the big picture, bring in small changes in your daily lives. These can include practising zero wastage, doing yoga, keeping surroundings clean, getting involved in social work, and writing a gratitude journal.

For a positive impact and to lead a happier life, it is important to feel good from within. When you succeed in eliminating even a single bad habit and show self-control, it is a win-win situation — no resolution failures and it becomes part of your life and well-being.

Here are some easy-to-keep new year’s resolution ideas for a positive attitude

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Plan a budget

Undoubtedly, one of the best and most important new year resolution ideas is to save money. Proper investment plans and distributing more money in various channels like mutual funds, shares and fixed deposits can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Little things like putting bills on autopay to avoid paying extra money as late fees, consciously exercising self-control to spend less on unnecessary buys and finding cheaper alternatives can cut down on your overall expenditure.

You can also use apps such as Cred, Mint and You Need A Budget (YNAB) to help save money more efficiently.

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Digital detox

In this digital era, gone are the days when handwritten letters were considered special and a laptop or an iPad wasn’t a replacement for a blank notebook. While it is true that social media platforms can help you discover like-minded people and be abreast with the world around you, it can become quite toxic and overwhelming, taking a toll on mental health.

Taking a social media break is perhaps one of the best new year’s resolutions that cannot fail. Reduce stress by lessening screen time, shutting your social media apps to check up more frequently on friends and family and even developing a new skill such as playing an instrument or pottery.

Remove all filters and embrace the real you should be one of your new year resolution ideas. Have more fun by engaging in other activities like reading a book, doing yoga, joining a club or even committing to a noble cause. Enhance your brain’s capacity by solving riddles and increase your IQ with quizzing. Basically, you can find tons of things to do that are far better than mindless scrolling.

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Sustainable living

One resolution that can help reduce your carbon footprint and make the future better is to be mindful and lead a sustainable life. ‘Sustainable living’ has been the buzzword over the past few years, and it has gained all the right momentum.

Practising zero-waste methods, opting for reused and recycled materials, composting, becoming a plant parent, ditching single-use plastic, practising yoga and meditation and choosing only ethical cruelty-free products are some of the basic elements on your to-do list that can help create greener and eco-friendly new year while you stay motivated.

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Cook often

This new year, say ‘no’ to ordering in and say ‘yes’ to home-cooked meals. This is one of the best new year’s resolution ideas that is super fun and lets you be at your own pace. It is obvious that one cannot become a gourmet chef overnight, but once you develop a new interest in the kitchen, there’s no looking back.

Start slow with easy dinner recipes, and you’ll soon find yourself having fun as you whip up more delicious dishes. It also lets you save a lot of money and help find new flavour profiles and spices.

Additionally, cooking for your loved ones and guests helps you become more confident and gives you unparalleled satisfaction. And if you are alone, don’t shy away from pampering yourself with your favourite curries and dishes and shower in some self-care.

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Reduce smoking and consumption of alcohol

If you are a heavy smoker and all your new year’s resolutions have been about quitting smoking, it’s probably not going to happen. Instead, try reducing the amount. If you consume 10 cigarettes a day, why not try reducing it to three or four? However, exercise self-control and be sure to stick to it.

The same goes for alcohol. Social drinking once in a while is completely fine, but if you are finding it tough to get rid of it as an addiction, take beginners’ steps. It is important to consult a doctor, take medical help in these regards, and follow the instructions carefully.

However, you can, of course, indulge in smooth mocktails and fruit juices, which can be fun and serve as delectable alternatives.

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Learn a new language

Another best way to boost self-esteem is to learn a new language. This is one of the outstanding and easy-to-keep new year’s resolution ideas that not only helps you acquire a new skill set but opens several career opportunities.

Choose any language you like and go all out learning it. You can either go to professional language schools or use apps like Duolingo to learn and flaunt your new tongue.

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Health tabs

Looking for some new year’s resolution ideas that are beneficial for all? This January, promise to keep your health tabs on and make sure to visit your doctor for regular checkups. Visit your dentist and ophthalmologist often and get recommended tests done on time.

Being fit and healthy should always be your first priority and, therefore, it is best to take up the resolution to book appointments at the start of the year and take care of each other’s well-being.

You can visit your general physician and family doctor or go for online consultations through the Procto app. Apps like Pharmeasy and Netmeds can save you from rushing to chemists and delivering medicines to your doorstep.

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Don’t leave it for later

This is perhaps one of the most important new year’s resolution ideas that every adult needs to adopt right now. Stop procrastinating and focus on the jobs at hand; jot down a to-do list and set deadlines for achieving each task.

Relaxing and diverting attention to something else is only going to pile up your work, and you would soon have a mountain of tasks on your shoulders. This new year, avoid all that stress and push your pedal hard to finish the day’s work.

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Spend family time and check on your friends

This upcoming year, take the resolution to spend more quality time with family and loved ones. Being there with each other, spending time and caring for the elderly at home has its own satisfying rewards, which go beyond words.

Rekindle contact with those long-lost friends or plan a catch-up with your college buddies and be in regular touch with all, as these relationships are more precious than anything else.

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Take the stairs

This is one of the easiest New Year’s resolutions to keep. All you need is a bit of time management and comfortable clothes and you’re good to go! Don’t burden yourself with high goals, simply ditch the elevators and be mindful to take stairs wherever you go.

While you may not be able to climb long flights of stairs in one go, it can get better over time. Make this more interesting by setting small goals. Record your daily progress, give healthy incentives to yourself and gradually increase your target distance covered or steps taken.

Research conducted by kinesiologists at McMaster University and University of British Columbia Okanagan show that “vigorously climbing a few flights of stairs on your coffee or bathroom break during the day seems to be enough to boost fitness in people who are otherwise sedentary.” Terming these short bursts of exercises “stair-climbing ‘snacks’”, the study found that they are effective in improving cardiorespiratory fitness and keeping heart disease at bay.

You can also devise a short and simple workout plan like free hand exercises, bends and stretches even while you work.

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Learn a new skill or find a new hobby

Many of us start the year with lofty New Year’s resolutions that can add a new dimension to our life, and what can be better than learning a new skill? You can try your hands at any new skill you wish — fine arts, knitting, baking, learning a new instrument, pottery and photography — the list is practically endless.

Invest your free time in learning something new and see yourself doing some amazing things which you probably never thought you could. Set realistic targets and reward yourself when you achieve them. This will not only help you remain focused but you will also witness all-round personal growth.

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Go to bed early

Getting peaceful sleep can make a world of difference to your lifestyle. The right amount of sleep and a healthy sleeping pattern also reduce the risks of several physical and mental diseases. Hence, note this down as one of the important new year’s resolution ideas.

However, if you are unable to fall asleep, fret not. A few tricks can help you fall asleep faster.
Research published in the Sleep Medicine Reviews shows taking a relaxing hot bath about an hour or two before going to bed helps people fall asleep about 10 minutes earlier and improves sleep quality. Turn off all electronic devices a couple of hours before bedtime. Instead, read a book and enjoy a relaxing beverage before hitting the sack. This will improve your sleep quality. However, if you still have trouble sleeping, consult a physician or a sleep specialist.

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Read more books

New Year’s resolutions are aimed at making the upcoming year better than the previous one on many fronts. No matter in which areas your interests lie, reading books can be an enriching experience. This easy-to-keep New Year’s resolution will help you reduce screen time, and immersing yourself in a completely different world is a great way to keep the mind occupied.

Pick up any book of your liking, to begin with, and dedicate a fixed time to reading. If you’re not sure which books to choose from, you can join book clubs and enjoy the company of bibliophiles.

Additionally, sharing thoughts and ideas and recommending books for each other builds strong social bonds and will help you stay engrossed.

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Eating healthy

Eating right is perhaps the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. However, we have made New Year’s resolutions of adopting healthy eating habits numerous times only to give up sooner; but not this time.

You can keep this resolution and make it interesting by making minor changes to your diet. Adding leafy vegetables to your meals will double fibre intake, improve digestion, lose weight and keep many ailments at bay. Cutting down on junk and consuming plant-based foods as well as seasonal fruits will be helpful too. A citrus-rich diet also has its benefits. Seasonal melons and berries improve immunity and metabolism, and vitamin C in them gives a healthy glow to your skin.

An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition research shows those who eat healthier fibrous and vitamin-C-rich diet have fewer wrinkles or skin ageing issues. Making a conscious shift by adding more salads and juices is one of the best ways to go.

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Do volunteer work regularly

This new year, make it a point to join a noble cause and volunteer regularly. Giving back to society and signing up for a cause that will benefit the underprivileged will have a positive effect on your mental well-being.

Besides reducing stress, volunteering services also help in improving your leadership qualities and making you part of a community. Move out of your comfort zone and participate in such activities as no act of kindness and help never goes wasted. This New Year’s resolution will be fun and easy to commit to once you start enjoying the cause or the service. Moreover, it gives a fulfilling feeling once the job is done.

And, it needn’t be too lofty. Simply take part in the local community service, cleaning the road or beach, serving at an old-age home or even volunteering to water plants along the path — there are many activities you can try.

Easy New Year’s resolution ideas for a happy and healthy 2023 (that you can keep)

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