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Work-from-home burnout is a thing, and here’s how you can tackle it

Our situation right now is very Catch-22. While we are looking forward to going out, as countries have started easing their lockdown policies, work from home is still the norm. And work-from-home burnout is a real thing despite the perks.

All this ongoing upheaval has surely affected your personal, professional, and social life by merging them. Amidst figuring out what to choose first, your crying baby or hectic work, your working capacity and creativity is getting compromised. With this juggle in different dioramas of life, the following points can help make things manageable.

You’re procrastinating

Work-from-home burnout will directly affect your work ethic, causing procrastination. You’re avoiding emails, putting off meetings, and missing deadlines. While you’re conscious of doing this, you find yourself lagging behind, inefficient, and unable to break out of the rut.

You’re experiencing frequent bouts of negativity

All that pent-up stress might lead to mood swings of rage and irritation — you’re flying off the handle easily, and feeling hopeless, demotivated, and apathetic.

You’re exhausted

We don’t just mean physically. You feel drained thinking about work before the day has even begun. Your body feels lethargic and fatigued; migraines and sleep disorders are also other symptoms to look out for.

How to counter it

Respect boundaries

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a work-life balance. Set those boundaries. Stick to a schedule like the one you have at work with fixed times for meetings, calls, lunch, and your day-to-day duties.

As for employers, recognise that employees working from home don’t mean that they should be working long past the workday. Schedule calls and meetings appropriately.

Prioritise work

This is easier said than done, particularly for those with children. Adhering to a list of daily tasks helps to boost productivity, ensuring that your work hours aren’t unnecessarily dragged out.

Take time off

Spending days on end cooped up at home isn’t healthy for anyone. Schedule regular time outside your home, whether it’s for picking up coffee or going for a slow jog. Taking an off day from work might also give you the reset you need.

Limit news and access to social media

It’s important to keep up with the news, especially with everything that’s going on in the world today. But with protests, business closures, and COVID-related stories battling for headlines, it can take a toll on your mental health and give you anxiety that lasts through the day and impacts your workflow. Schedule time to read the news and place a time limit spent on social media.

Keep it fresh

Every day feels the same, so shake things up by incorporating newness into your routine. Challenge yourself to a new recipe every week, or work on your own goals outside of work like learning a language or completing a workout plan.

This article was first published on Prestige Online Singapore