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Why David Warner and Lockie Ferguson are cricket’s best-groomed gents

In recent cricketing events, there’ve been two faces that stood out for their exceptional measures in grooming. Slightly unorthodox and majorly popular, David Warner and Lockie Ferguson.

While Warner aims for the perfect stubble and a subtle muche, Furguson embraces the ‘Handlebar’ style. David Warner was hands-down the most well-groomed gent at the IPL 2020. Right from his beard, the cut and the length to his undercut, it’s simply perfect. Lockie, on the other hand, comes with a twist. In a world of undercuts and beards, Ferguson thinks different. How often do you see someone sporting a Salvador Dali-styled ‘stache?

Why David Warner and Lockie Ferguson are cricket’s best-groomed gents

David Warner

We spoke with we spoke to ace men’s hairstylist and artistic head at Enrich Salons, Sareena Acharya to tell us how you could get that look and understand the dos and don’ts in the affair.

“While beards are currently at the forefront of the men’s grooming landscape, it’s no surprise that the moustache would rise to fame once again. During the IPL and the recent months, David Warner and Lockie Furguson has emerged as an icon for making moustaches look cool and looking vintage slick. Complementing that with a great haircut and that’s a winning combination, right there.” said Sareena, on Warner and Furguson’s new grooming statement.

Lockie Ferguson

When it comes to the ‘stache, she highlighted “Though the moustache might look like it needs a simple twist at the ends, it’s needs much more than that. It’s mostly about moustache care and the maintenance behind that twist.” We’ve always believed that beard care and moustache care makes the first pillar of a healthy well-styled beard. Which is also a principle at play here.

We’ve always believed in keeping the tools handy, Sareena agrees “Upon close inspection you’ll notice that Warner’s beard is always perfectly trimmed. That stubble is freshly trimmed and not a result of an overnight produce. This is essential when growing your beard out, it helps maintain uniformity, which is a hallmark of a great beard. However, after a couple of weeks, you make even need to use a pair of facial hair scissors. You may need this for areas around the mouth as trimming the ‘stache surrounded by a beard can be tricky. Clip those rogues out well.”

Lockie Ferguson

So finally, when you have your tools and the dedicated time, what’s next? Here’s where many actually mess the pot. “Quick disclaimer, don’t try to trim a wet moustache. Wet hair tends to be heavier and this affects its length. Which of course, can mess with your judgement of how much to cut. You don’t want to dry your ‘stache later to find out that you went to far”. Once you have that in mind, you can move onto styling. “Just like your hair and beard, your moustache needs a comb too followed by the right wax. This is essential to create hold and add structure without making it look puffy, stated Acharya.

Finally, keep clean, the final rule highlighted by Sareena “In all the suave of styling, don’t forget that it all needs to be kept tidy too. Facial hair can often be very coarse and itchy, causing your skin to feel dry and troubled. The rule in this affair is really simple – If you’re using a beard cream or balm or anything to keep your shrub styled, it needs to be washed out later. More so, a beard wash is also very important to stay moisturized, conditioned and healthy, free from pollutants.”

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Why David Warner and Lockie Ferguson are cricket’s best-groomed gents

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